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    Anyone notice how weird our schedule is next year?

    Texas A&M will be our West team in 2023 so we will get them just as they are ascending to be Alabama’s number 1 contender. We consistently get the West’s 2nd best team in addition to Alabama.
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    Super Wild Card Weekend 1/15-1/17

    When was the last time the Cowboys made it to an NFC Championship? At some point people need to stop blaming the refs and realize the Cowboys are a joke of a franchise. At least for the past 25 years they have been.
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    Super Wild Card Weekend 1/15-1/17

    That folks is what you call pulling a Cowboys. Cowboys will always do Cowboys things 😂
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    Inside game is terrible

    I don’t think he is tarnishing his reputation, but it’s clear something is going on with him and he should be coming off the bench. It’s sad because we’ve seen glimpses of how good he can be whenever he plays assertively. Something just isn’t right with him.
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    The Official Tennessee Titans thread IV

    I honestly think the Steelers would be because Ben clearly doesn’t have the arm strength anymore and nobody is expecting anything from them. I guess it doesn’t matter at this point since the Raiders just lost but the Raiders would have been next most improbable imo due to the Steelers drawing...
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    The Official #22 Tennessee @ #18 Kentucky Game Thread, 1:00 PM ET, ESPN

    16% of our all-time wins in Lexington have come in the last 4 visits. When put that way, it’s pretty astounding.
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    Mayo to Texans as HC potentially?

    If one franchise is willing to offer a head coaching position, chances are another one will too. There’s 6 other job openings and I would take my chances with those. If they don’t offer me a job then I would be content working under Bill until the next hiring cycle. There’s at least 5 or 6...
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    Jim Mcelwain Has Been Vindicated

    I liked him best whenever he was lying about death threats.
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    Mayo to Texans as HC potentially?

    Good for him but I wouldn’t touch that franchise with a 10 foot pole.
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    Defensive strategy with the Huepel Offense: Red Zone denial (off season musing)

    TOP is a useless stat. What really matters is the quality of your possessions as opposed to how much time you actually possess the ball. 3rd down conversions and red zone touchdown percentage are good indicators of how well your offense/defense is.
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    SEC's gap with the rest of college football keeps growing. Can anyone stop it?

    The gap is only going to get larger. Jimbo and Kirby can now sell recruits that they have beaten Nick Saban whenever he had the more talented team this year along with the Heisman trophy winner to boot. There is a chink in the armor and those two programs are going to take full advantage for the...
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    Portal Tracker

    Best name for a QB since Colt McCoy.
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    Will Barnes Wear An Orange Sport Coat?

    Rick doesn’t strike me as a sport coat kind of guy.

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