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    And for the next act...

    We pretty much just traded the away game with Oklahoma with Auburn...A&M will be a challenge but I think we can take them at home...UT can beat Auburn, they have proven that.
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    Basilio says Vols will get LSU & TAMU.

    Yeah I can't listen to him...I can't take anything he says serious after the Lovie Smith debacle.
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    Breaking: Vols’ schedule additions

    Alabama and Georgia get the easiest draws...Imagine that...SEC politics
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    SEC Network @ 6pm EST. Additional 2 opponents will be announced.

    Auburn used to be a big rival for us back in the day so it should be fun going down there and beating their butts AGAIN on the plains....And We owe A&M a good old fashioned Tennessee dog whuppin!
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    SEC Network @ 6pm EST. Additional 2 opponents will be announced.

    I know they got screwed bigtime.
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    With an all SEC schedule now, what's considered a good record?

    JG is the key.....He is a very unpredictable starter....After he's gone then you'll see some immediate improvement across the board because it will be a new start and the uncertainty around the QB position will hopefully be settled.
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    Basilio says Vols will get LSU & TAMU.

    I dare say that LSU team is easily top 3 all time...That schedule as you said was brutal and they beat em all.
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    Breaking: Pons returning to Tennessee

    Oh buddy this is going to be an exciting season!!...We are gonna be loaded!
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    Kicking Vandy out of SEC???

    They do my bad...Holds 45000...I always remember them playing in the citrus bowl stadium for years.
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    Possible Schedule Additions for UT

    We'll get Ole Miss at home and LSU on the road
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    Kicking Vandy out of SEC???

    If you want to make a splash get rid of Vandy and Mizzou and invite OU and Okie st.
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    Kicking Vandy out of SEC???

    UCF doesn't own its own stadium so the SEC will say no to that...Besides they are a small market team who draws like 20000 to a game...GT left the SEC and doesn't draw flies either...UGA would never allow them to rejoin.
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    Anybody else happy to play LSU this early?

    It's there and most likely at night...99% of their games are at night so..
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    Conference only schedule

    The way i see it is, if your the SEC champion then there is no doubt your the National champion...Nobody will play a more brutal schedule than the SEC teams.....Get ready for a bloodbath.
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    Breaking: SEC Approves Conference Only Schedule - Season starts Sep 26

    I was too but any football is fine with me at this point...Look at it this way it will be like playing old school SEC football before the split divisions.

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