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    Keep one, drop one V

    about face
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    Word Association IX

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    The Last Person to Post Wins XVI

    first wait
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    Cotman explains decommitment.

    You had me until "some are better fans than others" Seriously? It is ridiculous to me to try and say some are less of a fan than others for giving their personal opinions and thoughts on the program, even if they may go overboard sometimes. Because that does happen. But whether a Sunshine...
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    To speak into existence.

    Hey regardless of how you wanna say it, I just think that the biggest thing Butch needs to do is get out of his own way, and he could possibly have some success.
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    why is everyone looking past Dormady 2017?

    I think QD is the starter to begin the season with JG as backup. And honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to see the competition extend into the season and both get some playing time through the first few games.
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    To speak into existence.

    I would have taken either of these with the Vols on top :good!: Any reason, though? Just your favorite numbers? lol They should put this on a sign next to the "I will give my all for Tennessee" and make Butch slap it before every game too
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    To speak into existence.

    No no, quite the contrary. I was thinking 16 field goals nailed by Medley and a touchdown run in by Medley off a fake FG :)
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    The Questions Only thread

    Would you believe that I am currently?
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    Word Association IX

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    Keep one, drop one V

    make butter
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    Bye bye Butch - Purdue bound (message board rumor)

    Conflicting reports? Perfect, that means our boy still has a chance. You can't count him out, he's resilient
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    To speak into existence.

    With great power comes great responsibility. Why aren't you using this power for good!? "UT wins 55-0", couldn't have said anything like that?

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