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    As The Butch Turns (Tim Banks)

    and I thought this was going to be a thread about a Lifetime Movie
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    Where is Corey Walker?

    Yeah, you'd think he would have gotten in an inning or two by now
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    Pete Thamel: Tim Banks finalizing deal for DC

    Banks and Janeck were CO-DC's at Cincy for 2 years. Banks left for IL and Janeck was Butch's DC at Cincy the year before he came to UT. So Janeck came along with Butch as DC at UT.
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    How old is Chavis now

    He is 64 and coaching middle school kids in Knoxville.
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    VolQuest: DC Job Likely Down to Conklin and Rodgers

    When Al Gore invented the internet, he made sure no one could use it to lie
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    3 Under the Radar DC options

    Yes, he was just hired by Auburn, but not as the DC.
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    3 Under the Radar DC options

    First off, the past 2 days have returned to the circus reporting of the level we had during the Head coach search 3 years ago. It seems as if all the leaked info is coming out of OH. I'll have to agree with AD DW that we are better off doing our business in a fairly clandestine manner, rather...
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    Well its even more official now

    The neighbors have to be relieved. Can you imagine, the last 7 years of block parties have featured Barb's dip and Pruitt's cornbread!
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    New AP Basketball Poll (Tennessee drops to #16)

    I was shocked when I looked at MO remaining schedule. They will favored the rest of the way out. I do expect them to lose a couple, but they really have played most of their tough games.
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    Change in conditioning

    Maybe JG misunderstood the TOP metric, and thought the time he spent holding the ball in the pocket was helping? :p
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    I hope we make up a completely arbitrary scoring system that no one can comprehend and the final score ends up 218.6 to 199.7.
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    2021 w & l

    I think a realistic expectation is somewhere between 3-9 and 5-7.
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    So Fulmer will be paid through 2023

    It just came out that Fulmer is getting his buyout, of 50% of his salary through 2023. That begs the question, why on earth would an AD have a buyout. It's not like someone was going to try and steal away Fulmer? I thought he resigned? Since when do you get a buyout when you quit your job? I...
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    Hendon Hooker QB Transfer from VT

    I don't know that I could handle seeing a #2 trot out to the QB position just yet

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