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    2022 Recruiting class

    Just out of curiosity I counted 10 pitchers out of the 16 players committed. Are we going to need that many freshmen pitchers next season after looking at what we'll hopefully have returning?
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    Do you play Chandler today?

    Tape it up and get him some high tops. Play ball!
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    When our quarterbacks transfer from UT, they do not have football success.

    Being successful after leaving UT doesn't always only mean in the NFL. Condredge Holloway had a super CFL career. Andy Kelly was a former Vols QB that had a successful Arena Football League career. Didn't Jeremaine Copeland come to UT as a QB but changed his position to WR because of Peyton...
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    TV for Tenn Tech game/SEC network +/streaming only

    I got Spectrum and will be watching the game thru the ESPN app on my Roku.
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    Uneven Playing Field in College Baseball

    There's been several articles written about how Vandy takes advantage of the rules. Here is just one of them: Mike Irwin: How Vanderbilt Baseball Keeps Legally "Cheating” Its Way to the Top - Best of Arkansas Sports
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    Coronavirus (No politics)

    Down here in Alabama all the news is Alabama and Auburn. I hear Alabama football is over 90% and as of Sunday night on The Zone (Birmingham ABC tv) it seemed like Auburn was at around 60%. Auburn coach Bryan Harsin and DC Derek Mason have been missing from practice due to them testing positive...
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    No Cable. Vols streaming discussion. [merged]

    For those interested in using Spectrum apps on Roku I got an email from Roku this afternoon saying they had renewed their agreement to distribute the Spectrum app.
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    Starting QB Poll

    I voted Bailey because I read his group scored TDs on every position but one. The scrimmage video I saw showed mostly a few flashy plays by Milton leading people to think Milton will start. Personally I'll pick consistency over a few flashy plays every time.
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    No Cable. Vols streaming discussion. [merged]

    Whatever service you eventually decide is for you, you will need to add the ESPN app to your Roku and Firestick if you haven't already did so. With it you'll be able to watch all the games even those not normally found on tv. My wife and I do most of our game watching thru the ESPN app. We watch...
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    No Cable. Vols streaming discussion. [merged]

    You can't get the Spectrum app on Roku now because of a dispute between them but if your like me and already have it on your Roku you can still use it. I'm currently running 4 Rokus with the Spectrum app. Works great. Firestick and the others I think can still get the Spectrum app. Paid for 1...
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    No Cable. Vols streaming discussion. [merged]

    YouTubeTV is the one I go with when Spectrum isn't giving me a deal.
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    Tennessee football: 10 seasons Vols could claim national championships

    Tonight I came across this article from 3 years ago that I found interesting. So why don't we add some to our list of National Champions? Tennessee football: 10 seasons Vols could claim national championships
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    Will expansion impact TV appearances?

    We watch whatever game we want through the ESPN app on our Roku.
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    Speedy WR commit - Marquarius White

    Birmingham ABC 33/40 sport news seemed to indicate we beat out Louisville for him. Didn't even say Alabama, Auburn or anyone else had even offered.
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    Dave Clawson

    Dave Clawson was a disaster as Tennessee's OC in 2008 and was one of the reasons Fulmer was fired.

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