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    ‘23 VA ATH Cameron Seldon

    Oh. Well who the heck would that be?
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    ‘23 VA ATH Cameron Seldon

    I’m gonna be honest. I don’t understand what you’re saying.
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    Interesting stuff from Alex Golesh

    no coach ever says “we haven’t improved a damn bit this whole summer. We’re probably going to lose a lot of games. Don’t shoot the messenger.”
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    ‘23 VA ATH Cameron Seldon

    I believe his preference is wideout
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    ‘23 GA LB Jeremiah Telander (Tennessee commit)

    Lol he all but said he’s committed in that video. He was looking for one piece for the longest time and he found it this weekend
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    ‘23 VA ATH Cameron Seldon

    We are as passionate a fan base as you’ll find, and if a kid comes to Knoxville and puts it on the line for the Vols, he won’t be forgotten even after his football days are over.
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    ‘23 MS S John Slaughter (Tennessee commit)

    In his video, he says “we got Christian, trying to get a hunter and we got Tyree.”
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    ‘23 VA ATH Cameron Seldon

    Are you a UT fan yourself, or do you also post on the forums for the other schools he has interest in?
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    ‘23 IL WR Carnell Tate (Ohio State commit)

    Probably not. But we’ll continue to send dudes wide open down the sidelines 4-5 times per game regardless
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    ‘23 GA OT Shamurad Umarov

    Is he a take, and do we lead? Seems like if we could get this kid, Simmons and Ramil as tackle bodies with Mauigoa likely to play inside, that’d be a hell of an offensive line finish
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    ‘23 JUCO WR Malik Benson

    Former Vol on staff or something?
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    ‘23 IL WR Carnell Tate (Ohio State commit)

    What a waste of resources and time.
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    Recruiting forum off topic thread (no politics, covid, or hot button issues)

    That could be true, but you can’t really trust anything Jake says about anything…long time drug addict, liar and absolute carny.
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    ‘23 AL OT Stanton Ramil

    Dad played at Bama but he grew up in New York.
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    ‘23 AL OG Ryqueze McElderry

    I appreciate that he rolled up to the airport and did his exit interview in a wifebeater. Says “I’m a bad man and they know I’m bad.”

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