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    Has Josh Heupel proven his worth?

    He’s best coach we have had since Fulmer. No doubt about it!!!
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    The Official Tennessee @ #4 Alabama Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Based on stats. Evan’s dead missed 2-3 games and had more than gray had through same amount of time. Or jsut look at what Gray is doing now compared to what Evan’s is doing.
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    The Official Tennessee @ #4 Alabama Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Let’s jsut send 3 every down and let him have 30 seconds to decide what he’s gonna do with the ****ing ball
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    Saban talks about Tennessee

    f*** Satan!!!
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    Dobbs vs Hooker

    And Jennings and Malone at WR.
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    Dobbs vs Hooker

    But the thing is Hooker has started before coming to UT. Dobbs on the other hand had less experience as a starter by time he got his chance. I like what Hooker brings to the table, but don’t act like hooker has only played in 6 games when that isn’t a fact.
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    Any chance we see Dee Beckwith tonight?

    Why so Milton can jsut run out of bounds. Milton may be 245lbs but he plays like he’s 145lbs.
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    Officiating in Tuscaloosa

    Warren and Fant should be able to get open when he is lined up on either one.
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    f****k Kiffin.
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    So if Pruitt is right and the NCAA crushes Tennessee

    He wouldn’t be in the NFL if it wasn’t for the Good Ol Boy network. What had he done to deserve a shot at the NFL? It took another Alabama assistant for him to get a job that was his friend. Nothing more!!!
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    Let’s flop on Alabama

    I have a feeling that the SEC will not allow us to do what Ole Miss did against Bama.
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    Ole Miss To Replace Rebels

    Not 28 I can assure you.
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    Harrison Bailey, thy time is now….

    It’s better than the alternative of running out of bounds with the game on the line.
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    SEC fine from Saturday's activities

    Read the very first sentence to the comment I responded to. You most said how would you feel if you got hit in the head with golf ball that was thrown THOUSAND FEET away.

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