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    No Vandy games this season

    Vandy calls off rest of their season
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    Candace Parker upgrades house

    How do you get all of that on a half-acre?
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    Our men's team is the only SEC team in the top 15

    (I stopped at 15 because Missouri is #16) Go Vols!!
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    Game Thread Lady Vols at (#15) Indiana

    We've had players in the past who were so valuable on defense they started even if they couldn't shoot. Some seasons, that was most of the starting line-up. I love a good defender.
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    Game Thread Lady Vols vs. ETSU

    Oh-my-god I just saw your profile picture & I love it!!!
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    Lady Vols All Time Starting 5 !!

    Ok, put them against Daedra Charles, Kara Lawson, Candace Parker, Bridgette Gordon and Holly Warlick, all 12 at their college prime, and that would be an awesome game. (There are soooo many others to pick from)
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    Marta Suarez

    It's so impressive how well she speaks American English. I know many Europeans do, but it's so hard to learn another language, it always knocks me out to hear them.
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    Andraya Carter article

    Brittany Jackson also - she calls some SEC games, doesn't she?
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    Kara Lawson emerges as a leading candidate for Duke job

    Wasn't Kara on the search committee that chose Kellie? I have a lot of respect for Kara & her abilities, but Duke is taking a big gamble on a novice head coach. If this hire works out, I wish her the best, except when Duke plays UT.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2020-21

    Former Vanderbilt player becomes athletic director I don't remember her as a player, back in the late 90's, early aughts. I wish her well and hope she gives Courtney a raise.
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    Is this a concern only to football ?

    They're teenagers away from home! - they'll be at the beach in no time! :D:cool::D
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    Forum Name and Avatar

    I'm a Vol fan who lives in Music City. What else were you thinking?
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    Cool news: Lady Vols swim team named TSHOF female amateur TOTY

    Thanks for posting that! Way to go Lady Vols Swimmers!!
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    Got my test results back. I'm negative!

    Maybe he found the cure for the virus while he was quarantinin'!

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