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    Am I the only one who can admit im a horrible fan

    p.s. While typing this, I briefly looked up at the tv & saw the Titan defense intercept a tipped pass in the endzone, something I don't think I've ever seen before. You have to watch the games.
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    Am I the only one who can admit im a horrible fan

    This is a really long thread on a really important issue! But I'm surprised no one has proposed an obvious solution to this problem - Buffalo Wild Wings. No, it's not comfy like the Screaming Orange A/V room you've spent millions on, but it's just you and other sport fans of all persuasions...
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    The Official #11 Tennessee vs. #20 Florida Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, CBS

    Florida Man just wouldn't die!!! But then he did!!!!
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    Were you born into this or did you just decide to pick Tennessee

    Born in Tennessee, got a degree at UTK, but never watched a UT football game until I took a job in Alabama and had to listen to Bama & Auburn fans All Day Long. Became a UT fan in self defense and it's been GREAT!
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    The Official Johnny Majors Classic Game Thread: #24 Tennessee @ #17 Pittsburgh, 3:30 PM ET, ABC

    Wooo! Vols hang in there TOUGH! Love to get an overtime win!
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    Mickey Dearstone successor...

    Congratulations, Brian Rice! You're going to be very important to me. I cut the cable cord years ago, but I enjoyed listening to Mickey call the Lady Vols games that I can't watch. I always want to know the score & time remaining, who scored, who fouled, who got fouled, who is rebounding, who is...
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    Curt Schilling On Tennessee

    I know what this guy is saying, but he's got this team wrong. I don't know if every Vitello team is going to be this way, this out-there, but for this team, they use showboating to up their game and build team unity. It's a tool in their tool belt. They are bonded in such an unusual way for a...
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    Tennessee Volunteers Baseball Merchandise Thread (Including Player NIL Products & Events)

    If you saw the UT/GT postgame presser, where did that blue tick hound baseball cap the coach was wearing come from?
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    Barstool Confronts One of the Vandy Whistlers

    Do the Vandy teams practice with whistles piped in through a sound system, or why doesn't it bother them as much as the audience? Seems like the whistler guys would get a lot of sticky drinks spilled on them.
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    UT to have a 3x3 team at nationals

    That's a great way to reward teams that advance to the SS. Wonder if this will lead to something more?
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    I hate UT fans...

    Back in the day, Coach Majors called us UT fans "the legion of the miserable" (or something like that), and that was before we even had message boards. Message boards are great for giving you contact with the only people on earth who understand you, right at the moment you are feeling UT pain...

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