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    Pruitt discusses the evolution of offenses

    You used to get your bell rung and keep playing. Now defenses play two hand touch or draw a flag for knocking their block off. It made scoring easier.
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    Tennessee in position to win the East in 2020

    I wondered how long it would take before people got their hopes up too much. If we have 3 losses this year, then we had a great year. Build yourself up and as soon as we lose two games, people are saying fire the coach.
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    How did the 1999 team not make it back to the National Championship game?

    I was at the Fiesta Bowl watching the Nebraska game. They told us they were going to run it up the middle and they did. We couldn't stop them. We were not the best team that year.
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    2020 Win/Loss Prediction

    If he doesn't get the job, I would bet he is starting somewhere soon after he transfers.
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    2020 Win/Loss Prediction

    Everything I've seen or read says that Rattler will be the starter and progressed well this year. We will find out in the fall though.
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    I believe Jeremy Banks is coming back..

    I stand corrected. UT is one of the schools that doesn't require funding from the state as the scholarships ARE supported by the athletic department. Most schools do require state funds. I can admit that I was wrong.
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    I believe Jeremy Banks is coming back..

    State universities get their money from the state. They don't utilize revenue from games for scholarships.
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    I believe Jeremy Banks is coming back..

    Roughly 130,000 just to answer your question. I find that to be a lot of money.
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    I believe Jeremy Banks is coming back..

    Defending this is just stupid. You can say give the kid a second third or however many chances this is. I don't know whats happened behind the scenes, but I wouldn't step in front of this incident and say that I think this individual has anything remotely like good character. What he said was...
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    I believe Jeremy Banks is coming back..

    By former military, do you mean 50 years ago? I've seen folks run up the flag pole for way less than this. This type of incident is not tolerated and wasn't during my 20 years. Does that mean that some folks don't act like idiots? No! Those actions are punished severely when caught though. Video...
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Indiana Tax Slayer Gator Bowl Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    All of you that hope Pruitt leaves must have already forgotten how hard it is to find a coach. I like him and like someone else I read earlier said today, it reminds me of Majors. He is young. Let him make his mistakes and learn from them. We won. Lets enjoy it.
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    PRESSER final Bowl Prep

    They sounded very professional and sound like they are taking the game seriously. I think this will be a good game. Put me down for UT 27 Indiana 24.
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    2020 qb comparison/talk/debate (merged)

    I don't think JG ever gets better. I think one of the younger quarterbacks has more potential and just like a new head coach, those younger quarterbacks make mistakes. Thats my 2 cents. People accusing others of hate have an agenda. These are my opinions which are worth about as much as yours

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