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    Rocky Long won a lot there. Hoke was only the HC there for 2 years before he got the Michigan job.
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    Red zone passing efficiency 115th nationally

    I thought the RZ play calling was questionable at times this year. I hate seeing a pass on 1st down inside the 5. JG is not a threat to run it in and his decision making was terrible in that area this season. Even if we don’t gain any yards, You have to keep the D honest by running it once...
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    Trey Smith Press Conference

    I would think if he were going to stay he would just put out a statement. The press conference leads me to believe he’ll be entering the draft.
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    Can we beat UF next year? 3 definite losses are OU, Bama, and UGA.

    UF, UGA, and Alabama are the only three games where our chances of winning are slim. OU has a ton of questions on offense and a D that didn’t exactly stand out last year. We’re still behind those others talent wise but we get UF and UA in Knoxville and anything can happen.
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    Vols looking at grad transfer WR Velus Jones

    We have room at WR and a bunch of unproven players there. That’s why.
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    Fans who left early, how do you feel now?

    I was pretty close to leaving but decided to stay for our possession with 6 min left. We scored and the rest is history.
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    Tua gone

    Good for him. He gained next to nothing by coming back for next season given his injury history.
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    Odds 50/50 Harbaugh To Return In 2020

    Not many NFL teams will pay him what he makes at UM. He’s straight robbing that university for the product he’s putting on the field. I don’t know how many more losses to Ohio St he can weather before they fire him.
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    Maurer’s Instagram Post

    Social media is a curse on humanity
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    Stenberg's parting shot

    Yes I saw it. He might have been trying to rip the ball out but it certainly looked like he hit our player with his fist.
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    CBS Report: Georgia Recruiting Violations

    This happens every year at every school. Let me know when they find pictures of a blood-covered Kirby Smart disposing of a body.
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    Spurrier in attendance at both of Vols last 2 big comebacks

    I’m not sure he stuck around for the game. The boos were coming down pretty heavy when he was recognized pre game. He even gave the gator chomp to the crowd. Ever the troll.
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    Grade the season

    I said C but I’d say C+\B-
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    Mississippi State has fired Moorhead

    Who knows what Bill O’Brien could have done at Penn St. He was only there for a season. The problem with hiring NFL assistants is that they usually want to be in the NFL. That’s not always the case but it’s a risk schools take.
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    Mississippi State has fired Moorhead

    I agree this is setting a bad precedent. But as long as that tv money is flowing I don’t expect it to change.

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