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    SEC Survivor Pool Round 5

    Ole Miss
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: LSU

    Tennessee: 28 LSU: 24 Passing yards allowed: 267
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    Ole Miss Frat fans altercation 😳

    Someone’s boat shoes get stepped on?
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    Alabama vs Arkansas

    Uggghhhh you just can’t help Bama like that.
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    #7 Kentucky Wildcats(4-0) @ #14 Ole Miss Rebels(4-0) ESPN Noon

    NIL can close that gap a little. Auburn does have the highest average NIL payments in the sec. I honestly think he would do ok there. Would people lose patience? Absolutely, but he would consistently win 8-9 games a year there.
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    #7 Kentucky Wildcats(4-0) @ #14 Ole Miss Rebels(4-0) ESPN Noon

    For all the praise Levis gets, he always seems to make a huge mistake at a really bad time when they lose.
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    It’s Finally Over

    The longest playoff drought in major North American sports will be coming to an end. 21 years since the Seattle Mariners have been to the post season. Cheers!
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    SEC Survivor Pool Round 4

    South Carolina
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    3rd & Long/4th Down D....How to Improve?

    If you look at the Pitt game, we were much more aggressive. We got tons of pressure on their QBs and put them on their back a lot. Banks clearly was concerned with AR running and wanted to keep everything in front of the defense but our LBs can’t cover, which gives too many options for a QB that...
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    Coaches Hot Seat Watcher

    I think Sark will get 3-4 years. He has a monster class coming in next year. I think they’d prefer to enter the SEC by not having to break in a new coaching staff.
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    Rock Chalk Jayhawk

    Liepold will have his choice of jobs after this season. Great coach.
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    My thoughts on Napier. (Spoiler, not all negative)

    He’s a gambler for sure. But in the SEC your luck eventually runs out, a la Les Miles. If we hold them to 50% 4th down conversions, UT wins this game going away.
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    Tucker Carlson Obsession Thread (merged)

    Russian state TV using Tucker Carlson clips to promote war as unrest grows Just another useful idiot for Putin.
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    Gary Danielson

    He’s reaching Verne Lundquist levels of not remembering names and game events. At one point he claimed small only had 1 rushing attempt when he had at least a handful, one like 2 plays earlier.
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    Gaetzgate: Gaetz under investigation for being a pedo

    Fake news. Deep state protecting one of their own. He sought a pardon. Why? Def a pedo.

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