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    '21 GA OT Amarius Mims

    But why? All of our 3*s are under the radar 5*s 😎
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    VOL RB Commitment bumped to 4*

    Same way the rest of our higher rated players got dropped since committing lol. Guess they are trying to compensate
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    247Sports Update

    I'm about to pay for their service just so I can respond and tell them what di<% riders they are
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    247Sports Update

    Yep. Notice those favored to those schools went up lol. Pruitt will expose these jokers on the field
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    Got to love Wilcoxson

    Turning out to be my favorite Wilcoxson Working on Building "Epic" Class for Vols | Rocky Top Insider
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    Breaking down how high the Vols can finish in 21 recruiting class

    I was just reading this. Almost every single one of our commitments dropped. Brown and Evans made jumps. What a joke
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    Breaking down how high the Vols can finish in 21 recruiting class

    Good read for those who don't understand the rankings. Breaking down how high Tennessee can finish in the 2021 recruiting rankings
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    Grant Maner edit: Brian Maurer

    If Bailey aint ready. Surely Maurer will be. Would have loved to have seen the QB battle this spring
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    '21 GA OLB Smael Mondon

    Megan Mullen style? 😆
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    '21 GA OT Amarius Mims

    It's gangsta
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    '21 TX QB Kaidon Salter (Tennessee Commit)

    But can he throw anything besides the deep ball?
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    Oklahoma News

    Best defense wins
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    Sideline Fan Experience

    Peyton challenged him
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    Would Pruitt replace Saban?

    Not as meaty as I would have liked. But it's something we've all wondered a time or two. How Jeremy Pruitt reportedly feels about replacing Nick Saban down the road

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