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    How long until we compete for the East

    Crystal ball says to ask again in 4 years
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    support your your team

    Stopped reading after first sentence. WEAK IS SETTLING FOR THE **** WE'VE BEEN GETTING
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    That's what we said when Pruitt replaced Butch
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    Kevin Steele. One of the worst coaches in NCAA History...

    He'll fit right in here
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    Dooley suing Missouri

    Total bummer ain't it? 😒
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    Dooley suing Missouri

    Former Missouri offensive coordinator Derek Dooley is suing the school over his contract
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    UT paying Kevin Steele $450,000/year

    Knoxville is a coaches lottery
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    No way Bama as good next year

    Don't you know by now that Bama reloads every year? Staff wise and players
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    Poll: Doug Marrone as Head Coach?

    Cause all our fans are sitting around saying "yeah, we suck, but at least we don't have coaches hiring prostitutes". I'm sure he's moved on or figured out a better way. I'm willing to bet no one would care in a year or two and is as close to a sure thing this program will get. Or we can keep...
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    Poll: Doug Marrone as Head Coach?

    Well, we're not trying if it's not being reported that he's been rejected by NCAA
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    Poll: Doug Marrone as Head Coach?

    Don't worry, he also wants Gus
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    Poll: Doug Marrone as Head Coach?

    Freeze or UT needs to quit the football program
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    Its being rumored that Marrone has been chosen.

    Screw mattresses, let's burn Knoxville
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    Marvin West on the problem we are in

    Yeah waste of time and TLDNR

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