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    No way we can keep Pruitt

    I just don’t see us getting rid of Pruitt this year. If they have a deal with Freeze and get rid of Pruitt, I am happy. If they don’t have a coach waiting, then I really don’t want another coaching search. We have seen how well that goes...
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    Would you root for Florida to destroy us?

    I always root for is to win no matter what. I would like to see us beat Florida and A&M. I don’t think it will happen, but I never root for us to lose.
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    What would be the reaction if they went this route?

    This should have been done after Kiffin left....for now it is a backup to a backup plan. What it means is they didn’t have a plan when they fired Pruitt and we would be in the middle of another crazy coaching search
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    Lee Sterling Theory

    My theory is that Pruitt just isn’t a good coach and is defensive minded. Wants a conservative and grind it out type game plan. He feels JG will have less mistakes in that plan. Kiffin at Ole Miss went exactly the opposite direction which is where the game is going now.
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    Has there ever been a coach that became GREAT after being terrible his first 3 years?

    I think the thread should be.....Has there even been a coach whose fan base turned on him so abruptly? After Game 2 this year, he was on track to be one of our best coaches and after game 4 he is one of our worst coaches. I think that is the fastest turnaround I have ever seen on this board...
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    Vanderbilt game postponed

    This is where I just am not sure how much I can judge this season. What I can judge is Pruitt sticking with JG as a bad sign, but other than that, it’s a weird season. PSU and Michigan having worst seasons ever.
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    Coaching change advisory committee.

    Honestly I don’t want a coaching committee. I would prefer if they are going to make a change, they reach out to perspective coaches first and gauge interest. Have a plan for their main guy and two backup options prior to getting rid of Pruitt. We need a coaching change and announcement that...
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    Is there something going on in Knoxville

    Well, I don’t think it is all about a conspiracy here. The Basketball team seems to be doing well and baseball is improving. I think it has been some bad choices in football and that’s it. It is fixable, but requires people to actually try to hire a coach with head coaching experience who has a...
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    Some positives...

    I think when you look at the end of the first half and Pruitt was trying to run out the clock in a tied games tells you everything you need to know. He wasn't going for the win, he was trying to lose by as little as possible. If you don't trust your QB in the 2 minute drill at the end of the...
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    Harrison Bailey to Start vs. Auburn (made you look!)

    Crow is best served warm with some fava beans and a nice chianti.....
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    Harrison Bailey to Start vs. Auburn (made you look!)

    HB will play until his first incomplete pass and then get yanked.
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    Harrison Bailey to Start vs. Auburn (made you look!)

    Burning mattresses... 🙂
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    How important is the Auburn game for us

    Literally not important to me at this point. The only importance is if Pruitt lets HB play and not yank him immediately. We are at the point this year to give reps and prep for next year.
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    2-8 is Pruitt gone?

    I don't know. I would say if they have a sure hire that they think is an instant upgrade then possibly. I am just not especially this season if they would. I think no matter what he gets another year, I am not saying that I like it, I just don't see where they have a sure hire waiting in the wings.
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    JG listed as starter for Auburn game

    This year is literally a freebie to play the younger guys at this point. No reason to play JG at all. I just do t get it. Give HB all the reps you can to get ready for next year and give people hope.

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