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    Butch Jones got a promotion

    Butch's time is coming to an end. He is sending a message to every AD in the country about his real desire to be a coach. They also are seeing his willingness to screw over the University that would take a chance on him. He will never have a p5 HC job again.
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    Alabama OC Steve Sarkisian has interviewed for the Colorado job

    After every school in the country seeing what Butch has done to UT on the field and financially...i'm having trouble seeing anybody give him a HC job again
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    Charlie Strong joining Alabama coaching staff as defensive analyst for Crimson Tide, per report

    Nah...he got promoted to Nick's shoulder massager or I think they call it "special assistant to the head coach". Butch Jones shifting into different role for Alabama
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    He also needs to tour the jails of he stays in Gainesville.
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    No passing offense was more aggressive than Tennessee

    Hey now...give some credit. 75th in passing offense.
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    Hypocrites Gonna Hypocrit

    In Randy Edsall's defense...this statement is probably true for him. Any player that would trying to go Connecticut in the portal PROBABLY has burned a lot of bridges and is out of options.
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    '18 MD DE Eyabi Anoma

    Thankfully, you arent the one making these decisions.
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    JG gets a ton of blame- our Rushing Offense has been even worse

    That's also the problem with the time he is absolutely sure that there is no defender to intercept the ball, it's too late to complete the pass.
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    '21 TX TE Albert Regis

    UT Offered Albert Regis, 2021 Tight end -
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    '21 GA DE Khristian Zachary

    Tennessee offered. Khristian Zachary, 2021 Strongside defensive end - Khristian Zachary Recruit Interests
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    Tracy Rocker Leaving for South Carolina

    The problem has been his willingness to recruit...not his coaching ability.
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    New defensive line coach: Jimmy Brumbaugh

    He had 4 DL named All-SEC at UK
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    Tracy Rocker Leaving for South Carolina

    lol..wanted him SO bad that he didn't have a contract. You don't announce a replacement the same time a coach announces he is leaving if you are trying to keep him. He was told that he was going to be demoted to an off the field role.
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    Tracy Rocker Leaving for South Carolina

    Dooley downgraded in staff. Let's see what Pruitt does before we go making comparison to dumpster fire Dooley.
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    Tracy Rocker Leaving for South Carolina

    Rocker certainly won't have to worry about recruiting expectations at SC

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