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    PLAYER RANKINGS (do they matter?). Let the debate!

    Until a team wins a national championship in the modern era without top ranked recruiting classes, there is nothing to even debate.
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    USC/NEB Transfer RB Markese Stepp

    Looks like Nebraska football may have lost a Stepp.
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    Per ESPN Pruitt looking fwd to tell his side of the story.

    What's there to tell...he sucked at cheating.... End of story. Sadly in that Era, that means you suck at coaching.
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    Notice of Allegations received today Friday 7/22

    60000 spread over 2 dozen recruits? No wonder he sucked so bad. Fishing trips and nail salons...sounds like he was trying woo elderly people to move into an assisted living community.
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    Art Briles reportedly fired

    You dug up a 6 yo thread in the NCAA forum?? I'm gonna have to share a link... Job Search | Indeed
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    Broken NIL Promises

    It will resolve itself quickly. The kids, parents, and representatives will get better at wording the NIL contracts to protect themselves. It will hurt the schools more than it hurts the athletes.
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    Joe Milton - Second-Year Surge

    Don't see it. He might start for a few games but I see Nico taking over early if not the first game. Franchise QBs don't ride the bench long.
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    For the ***** whiners….

    You said those complaining about stars...don't see anybody complaining about 4 and 5 stars.
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    For the ***** whiners….

    Go ahead and compile a list of all the teams averaging 3 star players that have won national championships with the "right" players and post them up here to support your argument. Hate to break it to you but you can be highly rated and be the "right" guy.
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    ‘23 KY CB Cristian Conyer (Tennessee commit)

    Makes sense as to why we are losing recruits that we led for. Tennessee back to playing checkers while the heavy hitters are playing chess.
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    Neon Deon Strikes Again

    It does seem like he's been around forever. How many schools has he been at?
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    NIL Question

    Just speculation but Michigan and Penn St fans tend to be older men. There are a ton of 65+ year old men at Michigan games. I would have to wonder if they wouldn't be slower to adapt to change of the NIL system.
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    Ohio State's Ryan Day says it takes 13 Million NIL to Compete

    He's fund raising for the slush fund.

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