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    Pac-12 player group threatens to opt out, makes list of demands on injustice, safety

    How are they making this about racial injustice? Do African American not have the same opportunities as anyone else in college sports? The last time I checked football and basketball was predominantly black athletes. I see no problem with college athletes wanting to be able to receive pay for...
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    How Are You Doing? Covid 19

    Not too bad here. I’m still hunting and fishing on my own. It does get frustrating that I can’t share my hobbies with my friends though. I live in a very secluded farm area but we had our first ‘citizen’ that was in contact with an infected person so it is going to make isolation even more...
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    The Official Tennessee @ #6 Kentucky Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, ESPN

    How was the second fouls on Uros a foul?
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    What’s your favorite chew or dip?

    Copenhagen long cut original
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    The Atlanta Braves Thread - Socially Distant

    I know some of the insurance agents around here sponsor big fishing tournaments/ clubs and offer incentives if the ones that fish have insurance through them. Doesn’t have to be much and it usually works. They hang your signs up on stage and such as that. Also works for golf tournaments and...
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    ESPN, SEC network, programming

    I’ve heard some people found a way to watch on firestick by downloading an app on there. Heard it was dirt cheap but idk just what I heard.
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    Pruitt is becoming a Tennessee guy

    He also has said that he is ‘Proud’ to be apart of this great university and this Vols team. I really like the guy as our coach. He may not end up taking us to where we want to go but I think he represents us well and is a class act.
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    Kennedy Coming Back

    Ok my bad. Thanks again for posting. I guess I jumped the gun and I apologize. Never can tell these days with false info being posted.
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    Kennedy Coming Back

    Sweet I take back what I said then. OP should have included link in his post.
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    Kennedy Coming Back

    Dumb thread without link or any proof at all is dumb!!!! (Also we would know better by now that NCAA isn’t gonna make a decision that quick)
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    '20 NV TE Darnell Washington (UGA commit)

    The way I took Nieds has been recruiting him since he was a Freshman or Sophmore. That tells me their relationship had already been started before he got the UT offer. So the relationship dates back to Nieds’ Bama days?

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