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    Predictions for the upcoming season.

    21-10 overall.
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    The Atlanta Braves Thread: Now with Actual Wins

    Will the Braves clinch the division on this current road trip???????? I say hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This Week in Things Bob Kesling Said:

    As a huge Braves fan, I love that story........ It would have been cool if the news room had started doing the chop as Kesling got rid of the brooms............
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    Tennessee 2022 Schedule is set

    UT owes Pittsburgh an ass whipping at their stadium next season.
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    Curious: What do Vols have to do vs UF…

    Win the turnover battle every week and have the quarterbacks develop consistentency.
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    2024 Target List

    I think we might see a 2025 recruiting list sometime in 2022.
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    Milton named starter

    Hooker has a better grasp of this offense and I think both Hooker and Milton play against Florida especially if Milton gets off to a slow start.
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    Heupel < > Pearl

    Peterson left pure shooters in Lofton and Smith for Pearl and did the recruiting work on Tyler Smith.
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    Dee Beckwith gone?

    This kid could be a Calvin Johnson type receiver at 6'5 and win all the jump balls.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Florida

    Florida 33 Tennessee 18 Rushing Yards for Tennessee 223
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    Auburn @ Penn State

    I saw a kicker wear number 71 today.
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    Predict the spread vs Florida

    Florida will be favored by 7 to 10 points.
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    '24 TN SF Airious Bailey

    Or Airiousnomus.
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    Meanwhile in Pittsburg

    That victory by Pittsburgh last week lost a lot of its lustre after Western Michigan goes into Pittsburgh and cages the Panthers today.
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    Interesting to see UCF offense without Heupel.

    This game is an offensive shootout so far.

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