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    Tuesday practice highlights

    Spot for sale. Edit: Sold to Alliance Brewing Company “Alliance Brewing Company is a thriving craft brewery in Knoxville, TN. We are driven by our passion to brew quality beer, consistently, to give you the best experience with each visit. At the heart of Alliance is community; our beer is the...
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    Realistically what’s the % Pruitt survives...

    To the fans, yes I agree. Sadly the higher ups at UT think getting blown out by a lesser program in year three is no cause for concern.
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    Realistically what’s the % Pruitt survives...

    95%. Unless he does something egregious, he’ll be here at least one more year.
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    Is Guarantano the final nail in the coffin for Tennessee football?

    On the bright side, your kids probably won’t make the same mistake of choosing colleges based on sports they don’t play.
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    Do you honestly think JG will be on the roster next year?

    I think a D2 or FCS school would take a chance on him.
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    Tennessee Florida Game Time - 3:30 CBS

    I’m so jaded, I just hope we don’t get run out of Neyland.
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    How do you identify an up and coming good coach?

    I don’t know if you really can. There are so many G5 coaches who come to a P5 school and strike out. Others do well. It’s just really hard to tell.
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    I am not a Schiano backer but that guy can coach

    Not gonna lie, we look like the idiots so far.
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    Trask vs JG (Season vs Career TDs)

    Who cares, JG does way better in practice.
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    UT Coaches-How to Analyze?

    Oh how quickly the tables turn...
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    Who has fallen the most?

    I don’t think Nebraska can replicate what they did in the 90’s. They can’t pull from Texas like when they were in the Big 12, they can’t take steroids anymore and they can’t rely on in-state talent, because there isn’t enough of it. Barring a home run hire for HC, I don’t think they’ll compete...
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    Matt Campbell Iowa State

    One day we’ll learn. One day...
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    Matt Campbell Iowa State

    I would have him checked for brain damage if he came here. ISU has such a low bar (never expected to win the conference or beat Iowa) and he’s getting paid millions. Not sure if it’s worth leaving that situation.
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    And the decommitments start

    Can’t blame him. We’re actually regressing with Saban’s leftover as HC.

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