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    Post your coaching pick

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    Frank Reich

    It has to be NOBODY and for sure isn't SOMEBODY. If history tells us anything about the HC position at UT, not one of us on VN knows anything.
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    Late Kick Live - Josh Pate Tennessee Coaching Search

    Gee - Ho Hum. Another Hot FLASH - with nothing said. Expect many, many more from other unheralded in the dark sources. Only Danny White knows, so until he posts on here, everything is fake news.
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    It Has GOT to be Campbell (Watch This!)

    How much of that is a built in Buy Out??
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    Is the plane going to FL for... Heupel?

    CJP always wondered what The Keys were like at this time of year. Enjoy the flight coach!
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    Napier waiting for the perfect storm

    Blah Blah Blah - none of us have a CLUE about the next HC. None of us on here saw Danny White or Pruitt coming. I want the best man for the job, whomever he will be and yet, refuse to say "we gotta hire this guy" or "we'd be nuts to not look at ________ for the HC position", etc. In fact...
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    Keeping Danny White Hire And Next Move In Perspective

    Freeze is yesterdays Grudes. Move on men.
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    Tom Allen Should Be A Top Priority

    OK, so here is the Non Nega Vol cynical post of the day: Without knowing our fate with the NCAAF w regards to our upcoming penalties, would ANY really strong coach want to coach in Ktown for the next couple of years with two electronic high charged ankle bracelets on??
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    Clay Travis: "Good news for Tennessee fans next week"

    Agree that best thing about Randy White hire was it was stealthlike and fast. The longer the HC position is open, the longer we will rehash what if BS hires like Schiano, Grudes, etc. and, leave open countless threads on the rest of the 'what if' class of possible HCs. Lord, make it quick -...
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    White Targeting "Offensive Minded" Coach

    So, if Peyton Manning steps out of the shadows and declares himself interested, you'd apparently say "No"????? Just sayin....................
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    Usually an optimistic person...

    Yes, this is the same as a 3 year death penalty. Let's shut down the program like SMU did and start new in 2024
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    Jauan Jennings has spoken....

    I'll never look at a McDonalds bag again without wondering just what is inside......
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    Player Punishment

    So like, gonna fill the bags with Big Mac's and make them eat them all? God, you are cruel.
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    Who was the rat?

    News said we gave recruits "Bags O Cash" in McDonald bags. Pretty creative if you ask me. Sure beats new pink Cadillac for mom!

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