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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Thoughts and prayers w you. You will get thru it. Just make sure to drink lots of Gatorade if you have a fever. Send me a post if you have any questions as I had it mid Oct.
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    Two more games cancelled

    Gotcha. All is well. I didn’t catch it initially. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Two more games cancelled

    You know what I meant. 49 yrs old. Typo. Geez
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    Two more games cancelled

    I’m very blessed and thankful my family and I recovered. Not sure what you mean regarding 49 hours?
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    Two more games cancelled

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    Two more games cancelled

    It stinks that so many games are being cancelled but Covid spreads so easily and impacts everyone differently. I was NOT hospitalized but missed three weeks of work after having numerous symptoms for two weeks. I had most symptoms and don’t ever recall feeling so bad during my 49 hrs of life...
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    Coronavirus (No politics)

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    Hyams gave the reason on the Sports Source this morning why SC could fire Muschamp but UT won't fire Pruitt.

    I agree. No use giving a donation for tickets plus travel and lodging costs. Just go to certain games and pay a bit more online. the donations are ridiculous though I did it for years.
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    The Official Tennesee @ #23 Auburn Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    I was surprised Fulmer got an extension and/or raise. Pruitt won’t go anywhere until next year. Fulmer and Pruitt over their heads. We need to keep certain donors away from making decisions and hire a person like Charles Davis as AD. He has a ton of credibility in college and the NFL which...
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    The Official Tennesee @ #23 Auburn Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    JG can’t block / it’s the O line and blitz protection that is hurting UT. Idk if this staff allows JG to checks off. Defense is getting gashed in the running game and wearing them down. Pruitt has to make adjustments.
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    The Official Tennesee @ #23 Auburn Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Can anyone advise where the game is on direct since there is over 8 min on the ESPN game. Geez.
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    Pruitt is obsolete

    just read and go on- Don’t respond. Some want a reaction. I’m convinced some of these posters are fans of others teams ...... I know it’s frustrating!
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    Pruitt keeps his job if...

    Maybe so but both will be back for the 2021 season

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