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    The Official #17 Tennessee @ Austin Peay Midweek Game Thread (5:30PM First Pitch)

    Looking forward to the Matsu Miners this year! I missed the game today, but a smoke signal went up back towards Cookeville, I guess it turned out OK.
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    How important is Tennessee football in your life ?

    Vols’ sports is a year ‘round affair with us, it’s number 1 on the entertainment front even when the teams aren’t very good.
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    Offense is a red flag

    Pitt just swept FSU, at this early stage, they seem legit and in general the ACC seems pretty strong. It’s too early to make any declarations I’m not sure we know what we have yet.
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    Texas, 'He Is Lying. People Are Dying'

    Actually, I’m not convinced we can do better even though we all know we could do better. To piggyback off of your football analogy, all coaches know your either improving or getting worse, there is no standing still. The same can be said for infrastructure, healthcare, education. The levees in...
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    Texas, 'He Is Lying. People Are Dying'

    As I previously stated, there’s no reason to make this a political football. I’ve been fortunate to go lots of places. When it comes to infrastructure we aren’t close to the top. And efficiency, forget about it. As I tell my son all the time, if someone has a better idea you should listen and if...
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    Texas, 'He Is Lying. People Are Dying'

    Yeah, why does it have to be one or the other, I don’t think anyone thinks fossil fuels are going away over night, and I certainly don’t think everyone on the planet can live off renewable energy alone. At least in what’s left of my lifetime. In this particular case, one company across every...
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    Texas, 'He Is Lying. People Are Dying'

    Yep. Beat me to it, we’ll stated.
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    Texas, 'He Is Lying. People Are Dying'

    I see what your saying and I agree with much of it, however it doesn’t excuse them. People are dead, houses ruined, and it’s a man made disaster, blamed on “unusual” weather. That is a crock of you know what. I called it greed, but one could call it negligence if he/she prefers, immoral...

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