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    Taking the year off?

    I have often wondered if the coaches and players look at this as a wasted year due to covid and are not giving 100%. The NCAA has already given them a waiver on their eligibility so risking injury in their minds is just not worth it. I hope i'm wrong but it doesn't feel like we are getting the...
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    Pruitt Is Not The Answer

    It will never happen so get over it people. We are not good and there is no way if we fire CJP we will get anything better. Sure i want the best but we have to understand where we are at and its not an overnight change to win a championship. We lost to the #2 and #3 (at the time) and we act...
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    R-E-L-A-X, we are much improved.

    Not saying a time but if you look at Georgia’s defense they were there deep with 4 and 5 starts. We are not there yet and it showed when Johnson went out. Lack of depth is not there to hide our glaring issues
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    R-E-L-A-X, we are much improved.

    So we loose to the #3 team in the country, a team that we lead at half, and now the wheels are falling off the bus? People we are not there yet. We are not a top five team and need to build. Yes our QB is questionable and we should not expect him to wake up and lead us to a national...
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    Gary Danielson should be fired

    Off topic, can someone explain to me how an Aflac commercial can have a Bama t-shirt with Satan? Seems to be a violation somewhere or does the bag man cover that also?
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    Gary Danielson should be fired

    Touchdown VOLS....must have been a push off, 5 minutes after its over and reviewed he keeps bringing it up. Such a joke.
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    Maybe it's just me

    And its one of our freshman which made it more fun, bring the swagger!
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    The Official #16 Tennessee @ South Carolina Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    He is not making quick decisions again, to much time = incompletions and trouble with better teams
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    '21 AL WR Roc Taylor (Tennessee commit)

    Anyone else get wound up when on the tweets they call him an Auburn target and then at the very end the mention he is a Tennessee commit. They want what we have and until he de-commits they can pound salt. Rant over continue as you were.
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    Educated guess on when SEC makes a final decision.

    If its similar to a graduate transfer one day before the game
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    murals your way is the place I purchased it. You can take any picture and make it a "fat head". It would have been about $400 for the wood sign i wanted and this was about $250 and well worth it.
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    My wife surprised me and said we were painting the red wall downstairs orange. Turned out nice and now my daughter is painting Smokey behind the bar and adding checkerboards under the Neyland picture. Turned out nice and got red of that ugly red! I built the bookshelf and she painted that to...
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    Antique Tennessee bottles

    I take offense. I click on something looking for antiques and I'm older than most of the things on here! I was born in 74 and have not crossed 50 but this just pushed me over the edge.
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    Has Cade Mays Been Cleared by NCAA?

    No decision yet because he does not play for Ohio State, Clemson or Alabama. If he was transfering to one of those we would have had a decision and a new car in mama's driveway.

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