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    Things to watch on this bye week that would benefit Tennessee

    Now if they wanted to lend us their defense…
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    Oklahoma Potential Replacements (2025)

    Arkansas played Colorado State in Fort Collins in 2018. And lost. 😬
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    Oklahoma Potential Replacements (2025)

    Give me Stanford. Strong brand, they’ve had some good football teams in the recent past, and best of all, we would absolutely wreck them.
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    Checker Vandy

    This would be one of the most disrespectful displays to ever disgrace college athletics. I love it.
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    Florida Fans…

    Actually, no. The kicking team can’t advance the ball.
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    What if NCAA stops our playoff bid (Bye week special)

    Do we really have this big of a victim complex, OP? I can bitch about Bama getting all the calls with the best of them, but dreaming this up is next level.
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    Dylan Sampson playing time

    Aren’t you aware? Having that SEC patch on your jersey automatically makes you twice as good.
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    Tim Banks comments on defensive performance vs UF

    I wanna like Coach Banks, but this level of coach-speak makes me feel a little bit uneasy, I must admit.
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    The 4th and 3 that UT failed to pick up at the end...

    With how HH had run it all game I would have like to see some 2 tight end qb power on that play.
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    Cordarrelle Patterson having a day!

    Yeah that team could have done pretty well if it hadn’t also included the worst defense in UT history. For all we know Dooley might still be limping along if he had hired a good dc instead of fantastically horrible Sunseri.
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    Ainge doing the gator chomp

    Fans mocking the gator chomp is an “indictment” of our fan base? Go watch badminton.
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    Smokey Grays in Baton Rouge?

    I don’t get the obsession with all orange, tbh. Orange and white looks much, much better.
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    Dawg fan

    This is a strange and foreign concept to me, but I believe in hospitality. Welcome, and good luck.
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    Low has UT in playoff

    It would likely be 1. Ohio State 2. Bama 3. UGA 4. UT
  15. Vol in Buckeye Land

    Vols in the Top 10?

    It may be a factor in their ranking.

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