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    2019 Summer Ball Thread

    Will Heflin is playing up in the cape this summer as well for the Harwich Mariners. There’s a strong presence of vols up in the cape this summer.
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    2019 MLB Draft Thread

    100% gone
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    2019 MLB Draft Thread

    Liam Spence is a good juco SS that is coming in.
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    2019 MLB Draft Thread

    Something tells me if we can figure out the roster numbers the kids and their families can put it together as well.
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    2019 MLB Draft Thread

    I love the fit for Stallings. Angels need pitching badly he should be able to get to the bigs sooner rather than later.
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    North Carolina vs Tenn Vols Game 6 @ Chapel Hill 6PM ET.

    I wouldn’t worry about our pitching next year.
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    Tennessee vs Liberty Game Thread - 7pm

    They’re going to do everything they can to get the game in tonight
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    NCAA Regional Thread

    The 11point7 podcast wrote a regional preview for every regional. Only a paragraph on each team, here’s the link if anyone is interested in reading it over the next couple days:
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    NCAA Regional Thread

    TCU in the field makes absolutely no sense.
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    NCAA Regional Thread

    Top four national seeds are UGA Vandy UCLA and GT in no particular order.
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    Tennessee Home of the Bed wetting Vols!

    It gives bubble teams a big chance to improve their resume to help an extra team or two sneak in the ncaa tourney. Also if every other conference has a tournament and you don’t its held against the teams in that conference just look at the big 12 and football.
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    Tennessee vs Auburn Game Thread - 5:30

    They have succeeded this year. I think that is what a majority of people are saying and getting frustrated about. They can go 0-2 in the regional and still would have had a successful season. Anytime you break a 15 year tournament drought it’s a successful season. The bashing of the team...
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    UT Is 2nd Seed in Greenville, North Carolina Regional

    I believe it’s monday actually. Selection show is at noon eastern on ESPNU.
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    Ole Miss vs TN Vols Game 3 Thread 12 noon ET (TV) SEC Network

    One silver lining in today is that the vols will be in the 8/9 game if I’m not mistaken which means the game will be the latest one Tuesday so most, but unfortunately I’m sure not all, wont miss it due to work.

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