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    Butch Jones discusses his future

    Butch Jones? Never heard of her.
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    Will Kiffin try to come after Tee Martin?

    Only thing his is after is your girls. Watch out ladies, Joey Freshwater is in town
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    Everyone who vowed to quit.

    Drama queen
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    The Official Tennessee @ Kentucky Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    We can’t stop them running the ball. We are in trouble
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    Jennings = Anquan Boldin

    Nope. Not one time have I seen him crying and yelling “man, that’s my quarterback”... change my mind
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    Those of Us Who NEED to Eat Crow

    We win the next four games plus a bowl game win, and I will take my crow with H57 sauce.
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    Who's our fourth string qb?

    You mean. Me Tartin
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    This has got to stop [referees]

    We are awful, they would say ok leave and then pick someone else up
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    To Our georgia Lurkers

    We know we suck right now, hell we admit it. When will UGA fans admit their team in overrated. #TheTruthWillSetYouFree
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    Maurer should not play next week

    Let JG have the ball next week.
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    Highest paid staff

    What a dang joke. These coaches couldn’t prep a pee wee league team.
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    Players and Coaches have to be separated on sideline

    Just like the scene in Major League Coach: save that sh** for the field, it’s a long season.
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    The Solution to Our Problems:

    The solution to our problem is a time machine

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