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    Most overrated video game console of all time

    Super Nintendo. I always liked the Genesis better.
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    Poll: Should UT flop a lot against UGA?

    Pull a Fred Sanford if it helps us win.
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    ESPN trying to work another “Woodson”

    I think Cincy could beat OU.
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    Southern Miss to the Sun Belt

    There have been posts in this thread and another thread referencing reports of ODU and other schools going to Sunbelt. The reason I linked this tweet was because it is the ODU athletics Twitter account So I guess since your post wasn't the first mentioning the move I guess I should say...
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    Southern Miss to the Sun Belt

    What is 'most over used responses on Volnation'? I'll take Potent Potables for $400.
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    SEC Realignment Question

    Get rid of the divisions, 3 permanent opponents. 9 conference games. Rotate the other 12 opponents. Top 2 teams play in SECCG. My guess at our 3 would be Bama, Kentucky, and Vandy. Those are the 3 we have the most history with.
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    Southern Miss to the Sun Belt

    It's official
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    Southern Miss to the Sun Belt

    Sunbelt giving CUSA the death by 1000 cuts treatment. Gonna bring in 4 schools one at a time.
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    Texas Tech Job Open

    If I was an alum of a school and they trotted Art Briles out as HC I would burn down the football facilities. I love football and I want to win, but not if a thing like that is the face of my program.
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    Texas Tech Job Open

    Maybe the coach from UTSA? Who knows, maybe he doesn't see Tech as a big step up since UTSA is headed to AAC.
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    The Atlanta Braves Thread: The Champs are HERE!!

    What a play Freddie!
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    The Official Tennessee @ #4 Alabama Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    I want to hit stupid Saban in the kisser with a bottle of French's.
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    #7 Penn St. vs Illinois

    We would s**t kick Penn St.
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    AAC about to expand/other realignment news

    I watched a 1 minute clip from JMU's AD when asked about the school potentially moving. He's fighting hard to keep a smile off his face the whole time. I'd say this is all basically done. If I had to guess, I'd say Marshall, Southern Miss, ODU, and JMU to Sunbelt is happening. I watched...
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    What Other Message Boards are Saying- Bama

    They are mad that when Phil was here he whipped that ass for them. Their delicate psyche cannot handle it because it is one of the few times in their history one team just absolutely lined up and beat their ass on the football field. Every. Single. Year. And because absolutely everything else in...

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