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    Lady Vols BBall recruited volleyball players

    Is any of that fair to the current crop of players...hell no. But that’s what you sign up for with the Tennessee Lady Vols fan base (me at least).
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    Lady Vols BBall recruited volleyball players

    See, my posts on the men’s b-ball forums are completely opposite of how I react to the Lady Vols. In the men’s threads I think people need to breathe because Barnes proves consistently that he can develop players, cultivate talent, is a decent game time coach, and has his players, at the very...
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    Lady Vols BBall recruited volleyball players

    Because they can’t hit a shot to save their life and don’t look like they’ve ever played basketball. I swear... It’s been gross to watch the Lady Vols for the past 8 years or more. Never seen talent projections and star ratings go SO unbelievably wasted. Time to close shop and just recruit...
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    So many doom and gloomers...

    You must you must not watch a lot of college basketball... I pretty much watch any team that’s on TV when I’m sitting in front of it... That being said...Wisconsin is a solid team regardless of what their record says.
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    So many doom and gloomers...

    Let’s repeat. I was a fan of Pearl, but grew tired of watching talent like Scotty Hopson, et al. wasted while it felt like no one was harnessing that full potential
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    So many doom and gloomers...

    Haha....I liked Pearl too, but he couldn’t develop players AT ALL. He, and the staff he had while at TN would not have developed Grant, Kyle, Schofield, and Bone into the players they became under Barnes & Staff.
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    Vescovi seemed tentative on his shot (USCe)

    I hope coaches are ‘cultivating his eyes on best possible TEAM shot selection’... BUT Aren’t making him second guess his natural scoring talent!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm so sick of prevent offense

    💯 percent this...I was dumbfounded seeing them ‘manage the clock’ on a FREAKIN FOUR POINT LEAD.
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    So many doom and gloomers...

    Y’all breath. The talent, IQ, and POTENTIAL on our young young roster really has me SUPER STOKED regardless of our struggles this year. If I had to be Debbie downer about anyone, perhaps I’m a little underwhelmed by FRESHMAN Uros Plavic.
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    Bama’s Petty

    I’m listening to the game as I’m driving Home.... Does that Petty guy still have the sideshow bob hair from the Simpsons?
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    We looked like ****. We’re a **** team.
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    SEC OFFICIAL NANCE [bumps Barnes]

    That mf needs to be recalled. Did you see him ask Barnes, “Did you bump me?!” He’s out to get us... Nance, your on notice!
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    Game Thread: #23/23 Lady Vols versus #3/5 UCONN

    Crystal Dangerfield better never be let back into the state of TN and Westbrook keep her ass seated on that bench like the traitor she is.
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    2020McDonald’s All American Game

    Why do we not have any McD players? :-/
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    Game Thread: #17/19 LADY VOLS VS. TEXAS

    The announcers: “ya, that’s off Rennia last” completely oblivious of the three arm hacks on her in the slow mo. Refs have been asleep this game.

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