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    Grant Williams Fainting on Yves Pons gif

    I’m searching for this specific gif. I can’t find it. Is there a master thread of all Vols gifs to tap from?
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    Cuonzo Martin would love this team

    I am not hating on the person. I know he cares for his players. His style of play was half court, through the post, and generally unadaptive or imaginative. He took the air out of the ball and out of the arena. He was born and raised in Big 10 basketball. That isn’t a style that resonates in...
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    Cuonzo Martin would love this team

    I thought this team, with personnel from last year, would play with - Pace - Toughness - Grit - Chip in their shoulder In order to overcome the loss of four pros. There are many teams out there that manage to retool around a specific culture. Not just the one and done schools but schools like...
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    Cuonzo Martin would love this team

    Slow play No fast breaks Scared to make a mistaken Either bounce it in the post or chuck a three Nobody tries to penetrate Can’t force a turnover Maybe we will surprise in the SEC tourney. It’s a shock from the pace and tenacity we played with last year.
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    Made it on ESPN

    Hate the checkboard overalls. Wish they would all burn. Sorry not sorry about your friend.
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    Slow. No Communication. No defense. No leadership.

    The lack of on the floor leadership isn’t too surprising given the role playing pasts. But there is no excuse to not rotate on defense, not pressure the ball, not talk to each other, and not to box out. Fundamentals are lacking. When you can’t the ball. 9 seed
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    DG's Recruiting Roundup (post-ESD)

    The staff has proven its ability to develop players with folks like Nigel Warrior. The freshman who played this year were excellent contributors. If we can continue to develop talent, then recruiting will respond. Butch had higher prospects but they never developed players.
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    Garth Brooks Concert

    Good grief bunch of chicken little hand wringing cyber champions of life “oh no but what about the grass” GTFO with this nonsense. Can’t wait to relieve the 90s and sing along to a great performer in my favorite stadium while stepping all over your pressure fescue hearts
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    Garth Brooks the dance

    Thread started after a B double E double R U N
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    Basilio's Amachi Tailgate

    Nice cause. I heard Lovie Smith is flying in for it as well.
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    Jarret Guarantano better than most vol fans think

    For enduring the hits and criticism that comes with managing a team with a woeful Offensive line. You may find more success in the future with a line that can give you time to make reads. But that ain’t us. And that ain’t you. And that ain’t now. JT Shroud, come on down.

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