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    BTO’s Florida Postgame Report

    Vols have been good shooting the 3 the last two games, and that's been huge. Vescovi of course is the major catalyst. The difference between making, say, 5 3s and shooting 25 percent from beyond the arc and making 11 3s and shooting 44 percent from distance is the difference between winning and...
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    RIP Ron Franklin

    I was a big fan of Franklin and Gottfried--they were excellent. They made every game they broadcast seem and feel important--and that's a tribute to them.
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    Keyen Green

    A nice sound bite--but nothing more than that. No amount of rah-rah and "getting it" means nothing if you don't have a player of equivalent talent to replace the one you've lost. We don't, unfortunately, so It means playing a smaller lineup more and everyone playing a bit better to take up the...
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    Keyen Green

    Saunders should be playing at a small college.
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    Who was it that decided to make TBA a dungeon from the tv viewing perspective?

    Not too blunt: Cracker Barrel---"could I get a little more gravy?"---is a thing. Black seats? Who paints their seats black (besides us)?
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    Mental Toughness: A Special Team

    Signed, the Director of Promotion for Tennessee Women's basketball. With due respect, you laid it on pretty thick here.....I think the only points that you left out were that the players love kittens, call their Moms every day and read to the elderly on weekends.
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    Will Wade

    How exactly has Wade not been sacked when he's on audiotape expressing a desire--or giving the go-ahead to somebody--to pay a bribe to secure a recruit? Unbelievable. He's not just an a$$hole but a cheater--and he should have been sacked.
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    Danny White Year 1

    Harper has done a good job coaching up this team--but all her best players were here when she arrived and her recruiting has been fairly lackluster so far. She badly needs to make a big run in this year's tourney and build some recruiting momentum off of it.
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    Next 11 games

    Where is the top 15 talent on this team? It's not there. Chandler is top 15 talent--but he's a true freshman. Vescovi is somewhere between solid and good. JJJ is solid--does a lot of good things--but he's never found his true position and struggles to score. After that we've got a bunch of role...
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    Danny White Year 1

    Let's not overplay the importance of NCAA bids in basketball. It's something, but not exactly a major achievement. They are big tournaments with lots of participants. Tennessee's most impressive progress has been in non-revenue sports. As noted, the men's tennis team is stout--ranked No. 1 now...
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    BTO’s Vanderbilt Postgame Report

    Good summation but silly to compare Ziggy to Grant and Admiral. Yea, Ziggy is tough-minded--but what we really got from Grant and Admiral, in a tactical, practical sense, was clutch scoring--baskets when we needed baskets. They were go-to guys. The Vols have zero go-to guys now. Chandler with...
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    The Official #24 Tennessee @ Vanderbilt Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    The Vols are gritty and are capable of playing strong defense--but the offensive talent is not good overall, and that's why this is not likely to be a good year. We have little inside scoring and are not a good 3-point shooting team, at all (5-23 tonight), which is a obviously a bad combination...
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    Harrison Bailey to UNLV

    Why would he regret his decision to leave when he wouldn't start next year here?
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    The Official #22 Tennessee @ #18 Kentucky Game Thread, 1:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Kentucky's guards killed us. Wheeler, Washington and Grady were together 23 for 31. What's that--about 70 percent shooting? Another guard, Mintz, was 4-5! That's 27 for 36 from their guards. Crazy. Rebounds were essentially even (Kentucky by 1). We had losing numbers on turnovers--20 to UK's...
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    Tennessee Soccer

    Sorry to have missed this question. I'm certain Rain will stay at left fullback because she's got the right mix of athleticism and skills for what is the most demanding position in soccer, because you've got to be able to defend 1v1 against opposing forwards, who can be fast and talented, and...

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