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    To Protect and to Serve II

    I dont even have anything for you man. I honestly feel bad for you, being such a hollow minded shill of a human. Hope you get some help.
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    To Protect and to Serve II

    Lmao. Thanks for informing me that my wife and I aren't decent human beings. You are quite the little label maker.
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    2020 Presidential Race

    That's quite comedic considering what the left consumes.
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    Redskins to announce name change

    It seems a good portion are.
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    Don Lemon Quotes (aka "The Dumbest Person On Television")

    Terry Crews is a good person. If our elected officials were good people we would have a lot less problems and a lot more introspection. Instead, we've elected weak people who bend to the will of others, or they are just plainly evil and corrupt.
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    CHOP has collapsed

    Was going to make this post. Happy you beat me to it.
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    Marxist Black Lives Matter

    Very much appreciated. I try my best. I have some pretty staunch viewpoints, but I always promote my younger siblings to think for themselves. I've told them they can always ask me questions, and I'll never get mad at them for their perspective on something as long as they can back it up with...
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    Marxist Black Lives Matter

    I respect the tone of your response, but I fully disagree. This isn't about my opinion, which I know we greatly differ. This is about young people, who are not responsible for any of this and haven't even made their mark on the world being shamed relentlessly for the color of their skin. It is...
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    Marxist Black Lives Matter

    Not sure where to put this, but it bothered me. My significantly younger brother (19) "I can't even turn on my phone or play a video game without seeing black lives matter everywhere. Turn on the TV, black lives matter. Constant bashing of white people, it's so deflating to be talked down about...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    I doubt that. McShay has him ranked 30 overall in the upcoming class. That doesn't translate to UDFA. He would've been a 3rd round pick at worst.
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    To Protect and to Serve II

    I don't remember meeting, but I'm sorry you have that opinion of me.
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    NASCAR bans the confederate flag

    How sanctimonious of you. Like I said, you were wrong and still want to clinch to the high road like you own it.
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    NASCAR bans the confederate flag

    It should be thrown in their face. I saw reasonable people, questioning the authenticity, being screeched at on message boards and twitter and being called racist. It was so obviously a sham from the beginning, but don’t dare question anything if it goes against the agenda. That’s the problem...
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    New roster measurements

    Agree with all this. Anosike and Walker are both about 2" taller than I expected. Springer has excellent, NBA size. And wtf is up with Pember, yikes. Overall though we have a lot of length at every position.
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    Subbed definitely, although I’m weird and watch everything with subtitles anyway. Dubs take away from the immersion for me.

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