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    Spring Ball

    Don't think Navy saw too much PT at APPSt.....SEC is a different kittle of fish!
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    Is it just me

    Fahr Kessler get somebody NEW!
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    Would you want Bruce Pearl back? [Pearl discussion — merged]

    I only want Bruce back IF, I want to win the SECC and advance deeper in the NCAA's, otherwise no!
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    Sorry but its getting old [Barnes discussion]

    Based on record at previous schools? Based on the $$ contract he has? Based on his UT exploits? Based on fear they would hire worse? Based on Adm.liking his person as a human being?
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    Calbert to the Portal

    If is D Davis, we are in doodoo
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    Portal Madness

    Rather play Ark-Msu-Ole Ms than LSU in '22!
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    Are we WR U again?

    No Bama is WRU ,unless you really grade on the curve!
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    Portal Madness

    I disagree about NW Ark....that area is far more like E.Tn with the Ozarks, etc.....W.Tenn is more similar to East Ark. with their bordering of the delta & Miss river.....
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    Pete Thamel article on payment of players

    I agree but how many P5 fb scholly aths enjoy going to class? Many would blow that off as a semi-pro until the NFL knocks!
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    How did you know?

    Major flaw at speaking the English language....had no off. style, lived in the past w/Bama aths.
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    Is it possible to get any less out of our frontcourt?

    You can add Pember to the wasted scholly list!
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    Is Tommy West

    Click bait!!!!!!!!!!
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    Steele and current thinking

    Steele looks good on paper, but he had some responsibility in getting his boss Gus M. fired at AU (boards). Also, JH wants someone he can trust and has known, other words can he fit with the other coaches seamlessly and be prima donna!
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    Was Chaney let go?

    He'll be gone, that 1990's offense is not appropriate today..need 30+ ppg EVERY GAME.
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    Henry T staying...

    Rival mods says he has to be enrolled shortly to be back at UT!

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