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    Schedule for 20-21 season?

    Re: WVU, they just had 6 players test positive for COVID-19: Six women’s basketball players, three additional football players test positive for COVID-19 |
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    Fans, what do you all think about the WNBA draft this year?

    That's no different from any other year, though. Usually a player or two from the 3rd round sticks around. 2019: Paris Kea 2018: Teana Muldrow 2017: Saniya Chong, Alexis Prince, Makayla Epps 2016: Temi Fagbenle 2015: N/A 2014: Theresa Plaisance, Steph Talbot, Jamierra Faulkner, Asia Taylor...
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2020-21

    I have to think/hope that we drafted and traded for all these wings (Walker, Willoughby, Jazmine Jones, Steph Talbot -- on top of who we already have at the wing) and virtually no post players (aside from Kylee Shook) to prep for some trade that's still coming...otherwise I guess it's (very)...
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    Payton Verhulst

    A class of 2021 PG would join with Horston as a junior, not a sophomore, so would only overlap for 2 years.
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    Zaay Green

    Really, really bummed if this is true about Zaay. I was so looking forward to seeing her on the court again next year.
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    Transgender athletes

    I'm definitely not an expert in the history of how the groupings of letters have evolved, but my understanding would be that the Q on its own might be inclusive of those who don't identify explicitly as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or trans (e.g., someone who is "genderqueer" might be non-binary or...
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    Transgender athletes

    As someone who uses both terms for myself, sometimes interchangeably, in my opinion you're on the right track (though I think these terms mean different things to different people in the LGBTQ community so I can't begin to claim I'm speaking for everyone). I don't think I agree with your point...
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    Transgender athletes

    I actually haven't at any point come out with my position on whether or not I think trans women should be allowed to compete in women's sports. I just felt like there were many on this board posting derogatory, transphobic comments and not taking the time to consider the perspective of trans...
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    Transgender athletes

    I thought I made it clear that I thought that there was a fair debate to be had, and that I was referring to the transphobic slurs used in several comments as well as several of the photos that were shared with derogatory comments. GLSEN is not a biased action group. They were founded by...
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    Transgender athletes

    I think there's a thoughtful debate to be had here but wow, the transphobia on this forum is intense. GLSEN has shared some excellent resources that debunk some of the myths floated around on this board: Transgender Inclusion in High School Athletics I think it's also important to think about...
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    There may be no NCAA Tourney

    Mechelle Voepel reporting that NCAA tournaments are completely canceled.
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    Game Thread: SEC Lady Vols v Lady Tigers

    Love seeing Key showing so much joy at how well KK is playing.
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    OMG! Rennia named USBWA National Player of the Week!

    Amazing! She's grown so much in the last year; this is well-deserved.
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    Game Thread: LADY VOLS VS. OLE MISS

    Just like when we demolished them 84-28 earlier this year?
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    Happy to see Horston play this well. 5 assists and 1 turnover, which was a charge on a Fasoula total flop.

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