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    OWH's Topic That Will Never Die XXIII

    They didn't die in a fire did they? You better talk to Tiff fir alibi if so.
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    Dogs of VolNation and other pets that are inferior to Dogs

    I might give up wife before my best buddy. Side note she definitely would give me up before our dog.
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    OWH's Topic That Will Never Die XXIII

    It's a really cool place. Let me know if you head this way, we even welcome georgia fans. It's a museum of Western American culture. I was told I can't say its an Indian or cowboy museum but it is!
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    OWH's Topic That Will Never Die XXIII

    Thank you
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    OWH's Topic That Will Never Die XXIII

    hadn't said anything but I lost my job during this whole covid crap. Company I worked for went under, despite my best efforts to keep it alive. I am so excited to say I am a contributing member of society again working for the The James Museum. Come see us as we are open!!!
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    The WTF story of the Day

    Thank goodness this moron didn't get elected. What a train wreck.
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    The Last Thing You Purchased II

    Don't tell my wife about it!
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    Official Gramps' Memorial Politics Forum Eternal OT Thread

    Saw my first beer machine at Ft. Sherman!
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    Today in US history

    Wow Frank RObinson and Willie hit 500 taters on the same day. Didn't know that!
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    HAHA. ok. What numbers are going to go up? Case numbers? Protect the one's who are most susceptible and let the rest of us go back to living!
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    The @malinoisvol Gets a September........Thread

    Gotta take her to the beach and watch people's faces when you yell pookie and give her a hand signal and she just lays down! I loved it when I yell meathead come... and no matter what he turns and fly's toward me. I give halt and stay and he just drops and people look like what the hell.
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    The WTF story of the Day

    Can't even click on it.
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    VN's very own political meme thread...

    You know he can't wear the comb over like that.
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    Professional sports... are you done with it?

    Loved that game. My cousins got a commodore 64 and I must have went over their house every weekend for 2 months so we could play that game.

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