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    2020-21 Season. JG Potential

    I'm highly confident that JG can/will be a Top 13 QB in the SEC this year.
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    Any of you remember the record we set on

    I was working construction at the Eastman on a pipe bridge about 50ft in the air. Was so cold it took all our energy just to fight the cold but thankfully I had a good boss who told us to come on down and get inside the quonset with a 440 volt heater. Played poker for 3 days on the clock as it...
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    2020 Oklahoma: Most important game in Tennessee history?

    I'm going to buck the trend and agree with the OP up to a point. The Oklahoma game is extremely important not to our past history but to the history of our future with a win giving us a start to our respectability once again. That's something we haven't had in the past 10 years and I for one...
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    JG 2020

    If Pruitt trots JG out on the field to start our first series I'll personally hobble down that sideline and whoop his butt.
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    Are we just a QB away from being good?

    You forgot the blue font.
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    Are we just a QB away from being good?

    I was hoping with 2 years under Chaney that JG would turn the corner from bad to mediocre but he didn't. He has never been nor will ever be a serviceable SEC QB.
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    Be honest answering ...

    I actually was calling for it as it was the play to make. Kept the ball out of their hands.
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    Classic Upset Scenario -- Let's Turn the Corner

    I hope we beat Vandy so bad they remember this game 20 years from now.
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    DG's Takeaways from Mizzou

    It appeared to me on those two blocked FG's that the holder was too close to the line of scrimmage. Is there a rule on the distance behind the line?
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    Jauan Jennings — All-time Receiving Tracker (UPDATED)

    Jennings has good hands, runs a great route and is tougher than a two dollar steak.
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    This Is The Best Wide Receiving Corps Ever

    The guys we have now are as good as any we've had and we've had some good ones. It's pretty darn impressive what our coaching staff has done with these guys and it's gonna get better. WRU is back.
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    Most Dangerous Play I've Ever Seen

    That should be his last down of professional football.
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    LSU defeats Alabama, the Vols showed them how.

    Tennessee is indeed responsible for Bama's losing against LSU...…...we stole their defensive coordinator.
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    The Official Tennessee @ Kentucky Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    Has the Vols every beat a running quarterback?
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    Targeting Hit KO’s JG, No Flag

    Just a thought but does anyone have info on targeting calls by team? I'd be interested to see how many PF and targeting calls on Bama.

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