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    RIP Bubble Watch Threads

    I hate it and it makes no sense why even have a regular season
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    Did Grant get released from Celtics or just not getting to play?

    He started out great but he's not been very productive lately
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    It's official Kara Lawson hired

    You nailed it. When CPF interviewed her the only coaching experience she actually had was some 3 on 3 tournament, this was even before she took the Celtics job. There's no way he could have given her the job over CKH, Wes Moore, or even Tina Langley. She'll do fine at Duke but I think CKH will...
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    Prayers Needed

    Prayers sent
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    Wake Forest hires Steve Forbes

    Looks like Currie is way better at hiring a basketball coach than he was at hiring a football coach
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    OT: Karen Aston OUT as HC of Texas Longhorns WBB

    I wish WE had hired Langley she's done a great job at a place that's never done anything
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    ESPN Programming

    I think the greatest non UT game I ever saw was the 84 Orange Bowl Miami-Nebraska. I'd love to see that one again.
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    Our next HC?

    Steve Forbes all the way
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    I usually try not to trash commentators but they were awful. It felt like they were announcing for the Commodore radio network
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    Listen to Kellie!

    Rennia plays and this would have been a totally different game
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    Let's Play...Explain Those Stats!

    It's a rebuilding year there's just not a ton of experience or talent. Maybe some of the younger guys come around by tournament time.
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    Fleser piece in 'Chattanoogan'

    If they can start knocking down some outside shots then the sky's the limit for this group
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    That third down call by Chaney...

    Yeah im starting to see a little bit of Dobbs in him he's starting to beat teams with his feet if the pass isn't there. I never thought I'd say this but I hope he's here next year
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    Thinking about entering the fan transfer portal...

    Clemson's got a nice shade of orange, an underdog coach who came out of nowhere, and they bring Bama misery like we used to
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    Never thought I would say this.

    My first game was Notre Dame in 79 and I've tried to watch or listen to every game I could since then but I'm done it's just too frustrating

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