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    Hooker ranked #5 out of 131 QB's

    but someone in another thread said we needed to be wary about ball states three headed monster on offense?
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    Ball State look-a-likes

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    '24 GA QB Jake Merklinger

    ok, i'll get out more to high school football games of a school that i have no affiliation with.
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    '24 GA QB Jake Merklinger

    yeah, he's not getting a ton of spotlight locally in the papers or local television. everyone's been high on Holden Geriner whose team won the AAAA state championship and he signed to Auburn last year. maybe it's because he was only a sophomore last year.
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    '24 GA QB Jake Merklinger

    wow. this is my home city and i've heard nothing about this kid and he's a 4****?
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    Vols set to open the 2023 season against a new opponent

    exactly. i hate it. but yes, a home game in nashville against the acc will still make a profit even after a $2 mil buyout
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    Vols set to open the 2023 season against a new opponent

    sadly, i think it was tennessee that wanted out.
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    Chavis.. Coaching Birmingham

    i've enjoyed it so far. i've watched a few of the games. the production is good and it's available on multiple channels and apps. More football and in the spring and summer is good with me.
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    Sour Grapes and Low Character?

    i just looked and he had a very impressive offer list. no idea what happened but tennessee wasn't the only team to think he was the real deal.
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    Lunardi just said after the game

    a team we beat TWICE. once on a neutral big stage as well....
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    Gus Hill PWO

    I didn't read the article before I read your post. Funny bc there's a single A school here in GA named Lincoln County. And they won the state championship twice back in the early 2000's. So when I read your post, i was thinking, "hmm I feel like that they've been around a little longer than 8...
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    SEC tournament — Now who is the favorite?

    Arkansas, UK, Tennessee, and a hot A&M team still remain. I anticipate this to be a very stressful weekend
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    Yeah, but I also didnt remember that until I was browsing through the history of the tournament's locations.
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    yeah, i remember the tournament itself. just didnt remember that it was played in tampa. the only tournament i really remember not being in nashville was '08 when Sundiata Gaines went beast mode and UGA won it all in Atlanta.

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