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    Lance Leipold (Buffalo)

    I will say, I wouldn't trade Heupel for anyone right now. However, I would have been thrilled with Leopold at the time. Dude is a winner. He is a lot like Chris Petersen. He isn't super flashy. Not going to recruit a lot of high profile guys. But he will develop, gameplan, and win with the...
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    Lsu players only meeting

    Uh, I seem to recall a players only meeting with Rev Jerry Harris, Gerry Bertier, Louie Lastic and others going really well. Went on to win State that year. ;)
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    Smokey Greys For LSU confirmed

    Smoked corn dogs on the menu.
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    New SEC short with the Vols

    Never cease to amaze me the quality skits they do. Hilarious every time. They truly have a feel for the fan bases and how they react.
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    What can we expect from LSU and what does it take to win this game?

    I have had this game pegged as the most important game of the year for a while now. This game will tell us what kind of team we truly are, more so than Pittsburgh or Florida.
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    Dylan Sampson playing time

    I want him to play simply bc Louisiana is his home state and he won't get to play there again in college. Would love for him to get that opportunity.
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    Oklahoma Potential Replacements (2025)

    I doubt he will survive there that long.
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    Ole Miss Love Affair Hits a Rocky Spot?

    That'll end up being Deion's.
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    And just like that, the LSU excuses have already started

    After the Fisher and Saban drama, it'll be Bama im sure.
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    Florida Fans…

    That and he knew his D was gassed and wouldn't have been able to match us in overtime. Dude has gonads for sure. I liked his aggressiveness. Played to win. Hats off. Florida still sucks though.
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    Tim Banks

    You know...we have done a lot of losing in the past decade. We have had close, heartbreaking losses, and we have had absolute beatdowns handed to us. We have had respectable losses, and we have had unexplainable losses. I'm at the point where I don't care how we do it. I don't care if we...
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    Low has UT in playoff

    Wow. Yeah, no. The 3 of those teams cannot coexist in the playoffs. They have to cannibalize each other. The SEC can get by with 2 teams if they're both undefeated before the conference championship. But this just won't happen.
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    Josh Heupel reacts to Vols' win over Florida

    Also, journalists have to do a good job of staying on the coaches and program's good side if they want continued access to the program. Asking a question that makes the coach looks bad or rubs them the wrong way could result in that reporter being "shut out." Now, is Heup man enough to answer...
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    Josh Heupel reacts to Vols' win over Florida

    Dude just strained his vocal cords for 5 hours.
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    You ready for the black uni's??

    Eh. I put my trust in the insider who says there is, and has nearly never been wrong on all things uniforms. Guess we will see.

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