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    Tennessee Needs to win out

    Way too much talent? We have zero depth and the weakest linebacker set we have had in a long time. No depth on the offensive or defensive lines. The only position you could say we have depth at is WR. Ole Miss is ranked in the top 10 and very possibly could win the west if Bama loses to LSU...
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    Say what you want about Henry T but....

    If I can quote worm from the movie rounders "like my uncle less says, when the money is gone its time to move on."
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Missouri

    UT 34 Mizzou 17 Tiebreaker 70
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    Tiyon Evans needs to be the feature back.

    No doubt, I have thought this since the first game. He looks faster to me as well.
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    The reality of our program

    Running coaches off in 2-3 years does nothing except make a good coach not want to come here. We have what we have, we can either lose with CJH now and give him time to build his team or we can panic and fire him as soon as he has a bad season or two and start the cycle of losing all over...
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    Florida is not anywhere near good

    They are a legit top 10 if not top 8 team. They have a very big gap in talent and experience against us not to mention scheme and confidence and home crowd. They will thump us most likely but if we could make it close that would be a confidence booster for a lot of our young guys.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Florida

    Tenn- 17 Florida-35 yards-77
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    Heupel’s offense is not innovative

    Exactly what I was about to post!
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    Heupel to Oklahoma?

    I thought it was pretty accurate, all except maybe the part about him being able to coach the seahawks lol! Carroll did inherit a talent heavy roster and after his first few years he has not really had much success which would point to him not being able to sustain it on his own.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Tennessee Tech

    Tennessee 52 TTU 3 Tiebreaker 275
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    Pitt Was The Better Team?

    Pitt was the more poised team, talent is probably pretty close, id give UT a slight edge in talent overall. When the talent gap is that small the key deciding factor will always be leadership/experience. I believe they have 26 seniors who most of have seen significant playing time. We have...
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    So what would the takes on the boards be if…

    Nervous! Id be afraid the world would end the next day. But id be ecstatic till the asteroid hit.
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    How important is the Pitt game?

    This game is at least a 9 in importance. This is the type of game (esp at home) we have to get back to winning and stop finding ways to lose. Over the past 15 years this is the type of game we have invented ways to lose. On their message board they seem to think they have the better players...

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