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    2022 Excitement

    BE careful what you wish for. If it comes at the expense of the other team scoring quickly, I'll take my chances on 3rd and long, or 4th and short.
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    Quote from Sarkisian, and Heupel

    He would have beaten them twice if the offensive staff in '99 could have figured out putting an extra TE in to stop Alex Brown from jumping the snap count and getting to Tee about the same time he got his hands on the ball might have been worth a shot. Chavis wasn't the only one getting out...
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    Gas Prices and Attendance!!

    Not just here, price hotels for road game weekends. They usually triple compared to weekends when no game is in town. Think they're gougin', you betcha. Price gouging begins at the pumps and end at the dinner table. I used to love to hear John Ward say " Pay these prices, and no more", but ole...
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    Arch Manning open letter…

    I said the same thing about Peyton, Brandon Stewart was my choice. Goes to show how much I knew.
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    Lauding Peyton

    If not for the neck injury, there may have not been anyone else in the conversation.. At his peak, no one else is close. He kept defenses on their heels.
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    Thoughts on this post?

    The flopping was well past the point of amusement. The lid was ready to blow in the stadium that night, and it did. Despite the Kiffin presence, many factors set that off. I am not excusing the actions but was quite over the entire situation well before the mustard started flying.
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    Danny White hits back AGAIN

    I have a feeling he isn't done yet. ESPN may start playing a little nicer toward the VOLS, if not there could be some consequences (legally) for false reporting of this nature.
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    Diamonte Tucker-Dorsey(Transfer portal)

    Because Kiffin didn't recruit anyone.. He was counting on being scooped up by a better job offer. Same as next year.
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    LB Aaron Willis Enters Transfer Portal

    Pull up a chair
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    New NIL Rules

    His not insisting on Flopping rules being put in place is I feel the very reason nothing was done about it.
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    Former 5-star WR and USC transfer heading to Tennessee.

    Seems easy enough to do. Kenny Pickett fakes a slide and within 24 hrs we have a rule prohibiting it. Just make the ? injured player sit out the remainder of the series ( or at least a series of downs), and the team going to the sideline ( in effect a free timeout). Simple fix which protects...
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    LB Aaron Willis Enters Transfer Portal

    Juwan Mitchell being injured made the position group reshuffle. He will be back, knows the system now, and is hungry. I believe the LB spot will be much improved. I am sure we will hear the Can't get worse crowd on this. I suppose we will learn more in a few months. Even in the spring game...
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    QB NIL deals

    Any other position groups worth spending $$ on? QB's are great, but need other puzzle pieces, ask Joe Burrow what a great O line is worth.
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    What?? Refs relieved of duty for poor performance?? Hello SEC office???

    Not to mention they are league officials, not conference. Different conferences call holding, pass interference, and personal fouls with different interpretations. It needs to be uniform, while not to beat the "dead horse", ACC officials use much different glasses than most other conferences...
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    Transfer Portal vs coaches moving.

    Seem to remember a certain coach leaving TN and a certain assistant calling EE's asking them to not go to class, so they could follow the staff elsewhere. The names escape me, could I get a little help on this one. Seems rather low class don't ya think?

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