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    3 QBs Competing For Starting Job

    The limitation I was talking about was basically the play would be called dead if a defender got close to them.
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    3 QBs Competing For Starting Job

    I don't think a whole lot can be taken away from the QB's because of the limitations placed. Bailey may have looked best passing but Hooker and Maurer both had opportunity to run for yards but didn't because of the rules in that game. Hard for a guy to fight his instinct to run. I know I saw...
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    Why I think (hope?) it's going to be Bailey

    I think a lot of people are also hung up on the past with Peyton and see Bailey as a similar player, thinking it will be like it was years ago
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    Why I think (hope?) it's going to be Bailey

    I'll back who ever wins the spot unless they play like JG game after game after game, then I'm going to want to see what they others can do. Maurer did seem to bring energy to the team before he got hurt. Then Pruitt pretty much benched him. JG got benched and the first time the other QB came...
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    Oklahoma and Texas have reached out to join the SEC (allegedly)

    No room for that fake UT in the SEC
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    3 QBs Competing For Starting Job

    I figured the 3 would be Milton, Hooker and Maurer since they're mobile QB's, not in ay particular order. I'm hearing more Milton talk than anything though. I just hope they don't do the musical chairs thing and settle in on one QB soon. I think the sooner either of the guys know they're the...
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    Josh Heupel SEC Media Days

    Welp mess that up, had something else longer typed out, started, deleting and fixing it and you know how that goes, thinking one thing and type another before finishing your thoughts, got distracted by a coworker wanting to talk about about the media event. Was tryin to say something along the...
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    Josh Heupel SEC Media Days

    I think we're going to see either Milton, Hooker or Maurer as the starting QB. I don't think the ability to go over top down field often is going to be part of the game plan
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    Josh Heupel SEC Media Days

    I know we always say this but I'm excited to see what this season brings... Coach does a good job talking and explaining what his goals are
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    Salter released from team

    Yeah I'm thinking people looked the other QB After his first incident most people in his position would have had a wake up call and tried to keep their nose clean, at least make it through freshman year before another incident. The fact that he didn't get in any real legal trouble and...
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    Salter released from team

    Wonder what kinda problems he had in Tx that got swept under the rug...
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    B-Dubs roasting Tennessee

    Wendys Twitter does roasting better
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    Phillip Fulmer Hired as Special Advisor to the President

    I started reading the first few post if this thread without reading the quote in the first thread and was thinking what the bleep are people saying congrats and happy about, then I looked at the date:D Whew
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    Ja’Wuan James considering 10 mil grievance

    Feel for the guy but if I signed a contract that says I can't work out except at the team facility then that's what I'm going to do. If the NFLPA want's me to workout some place else because of COVID then they need to put some legal paper in front of me to sign saying they'd cover the cost of my...
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    Trey Smith: you're in my 1st round

    Going to a good team

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