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    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread IV

    Watching LSU-Houston.....LSU is talented but totally unorganized. I don't see what the buzz for Will Wade is all about. Standing there watching silly deep 3s with his arms folded....meh.
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    From the Commercial Appeal Sunday article: Hardaway's Tigers Already Moving on to Tennessee (before our Gonzaga win) "It's going to be a problem," Hardaway said. "Right now they are ranked (seventh) in the nation, and they've already played Kansas and had Kansas beat. ...They are just...
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    New Ranking after toppling #1

    Wes Rucker (@wesrucker247) #Vols coach Rick Barnes: One of the officials walked up to me during the game yesterday and said, “This feels like March.” I said, “Well, then, let’s ref it like March." Barnes is awesome and I hope he stays forever.
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    New Ranking after toppling #1

    VERY physical game and it was encouraging that the refs let them play. Except - the cbb game suffers terribly from "moving-pick-itis". Refs only care if the screener is late...even if he barely brushes the defender(or even whiffs entirely) a foul is called. Grant's 3rd foul was a phantom...
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    Tee coming home?

    Pruitt could be stringing this out to the point the fans cry "somebody-ANYBODY!" and then he picks Friend. Who was Pruitt's 1st choice all along. heh
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    Game Thread Lady Vols at Texas

    I had to keep checking to make sure we weren't watching the Longhorn Network - but of course Landers and Lobo have no love for the LVs. But when Landers said Conrad set the table for women's cb and Pat came along and built on her success, I almost chucked something at the tv.
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    New Ranking after toppling #1

    Nevada 74 - Grand Canyon(?) 66.... 2 pt. game at halftime, Wolf Pack used late run in last 2 minutes of the game to shake the Antelopes Shirley we'll move ahead of Nevada, right?
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    The Official #7 Tennessee vs. #1 Gonzaga Game Thread, 3:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Looked like our watch party was going to get snowed out here in Farragut but the big melt is underway. C'mon - can we PLEASE win this one? Vol Nation deserves an epic feel-good's been awhile and roundball is our only hope for the forseeable future.
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    Serious about basketball? Move students...

    I've been saying it for years and years and quite a few months.
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    Chris Low on Briles

    Damn. Wish I'd said that.
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    Marquill Osborne Transferring

    Cue the Curly Bill meme.
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    Chris Low just said Fulmer wouldn’t sign off

    Dripping sarcasm doesn't require blue font..
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    Chris Low just said Fulmer wouldn’t sign off

    We are UT and we don't make splash hires. Well....Rick Barnes, but look how THAT turned out. Couldn't beat pre-season number one and looked ragged against a Southland Conf. team. Stick to the script - hire someone we'd least expect (or express a desire for).
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    Tennessee vs. Gonzaga

    Auburn made Washington look bad. yet the Huskies nearly beat the Zags? Hey now..
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    Hugh Freeze random guess thread (merged)

    It's five o'clock somewhere.

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