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    '24 SC WR Mazeo Bennett

    I’m not going to allow South Carolina to co-op a nickname as cool as Fat Batman and make it a negative. Hereforth let it be known that Josh Heupel is our watchful protector….our Fat Batman.
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    Smokey Greys For LSU confirmed

    I figured we would. Not often you go on the road and face a team that wears white at home. This gives us a chance to wear black at home and do two alternates in one season without having to not wear orange for two of our home games.
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    Burrell - Out for the Season

    People will make jokes about him, but this actually is a big loss. Was he an elite DB? No. But, he was a starter, and last week showed exactly why. We’re not deep in that position. Next man up, and all that, but to those saying it’s not a big loss I’ll agree to disagree.
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    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    Hot damn! Just what I was asking for the other day!!! $10 is nothing. I’ll definitely pay that.
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    ‘23 MS WR Ayden Williams

    Who knows. I think it’s mostly just all of the former and not the latter. But, I could be wrong. Most of the Kiffin darting stuff is fan/media speculation, but it seems fairly obvious that Kiffin doesn’t seem happy with Ole Miss. I still think he’ll be coaching Auburn in 2023.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: LSU

    Tennessee 41 LSU 35 Passing Yards 295
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    LSU fans getting cocky after Pitt lost to Ga Tech

    College football is weird, man. 3 weeks ago, LSU fans were ready to run off Brian Kelly and were calling him an overpaid bust after the FSU "debacle". Now, their fans on that board think they're some elite team and are comparing this to the 2000 season where they were "counted out early" but...
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    Is LSU a trap game?

    We beat Florida. That's awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed that. But, this team still has a LONG way to go. We're in Year 2. We have no right to "look past" any opponent on our schedule. So, no, this isn't a trap game. If we look past this game to Alabama, we honestly deserve to lose.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    Probably because their QB left the game injured, so there is a chance TN could face a backup QB on Saturday. We all know how Tennessee fares against backup QBs.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    An anonymous poster on a fan message board complaining about the start time of a game is a lot different than the official twitter account of LSU doing it. They should act less butthurt about it online. Leave that to the fans.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    SIAP but my lord. What a bunch of cry babies.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    Doubt it. A win against Eastern Washington isn’t putting them back in the Top 25.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    Road games in the SEC aren’t easy. Just ask Georgia. I think the expectation for me is that we’ll win, but I still expect a hard fought, down to the wire game. Our defense has improved, but I still don’t think we’re blowing out any team this year except Vandy and maybe South Carolina with this...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    SEC Nation choosing to go to Starkville next week and not Baton Rouge feels like a weird choice.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    Pretty crazy that Tennessee/LSU, a game relegated to an 11:00 AM local kick-off, will now be likely the only Top 25 matchup in the SEC next week after LSU gets ranked. Bet CBS and ESPN are mad they didn’t give it a prime time slot. Instead, a crappy Auburn team and a 2-2 TAMU get the two “good”...

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