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    Polio coming...

    The reason I believe this is because three of my most repected minds of today said that that number needs to be reduced by a factor of 10. I'll trust the people who have triple digit IQs and not the media who is filled with, well, dumb people.
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    What is the #1 trait a football player should have?

    Instinct. You can't teach it and it carries people pretty far with no ability.
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    Next gen console power (PS5 and Xbox Series X)

    Based on what the PS5 is listed to have, I don't understand how it will be so cheap. It looks like the performance of it will be equal to a rtx 2080 ($700+) and something like a ryzen 3700x($200). Add in Blu-ray, a lighting fast SSD, mobo, ECT, you have to be looking at $1200+ in PC parts. How...
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    Mac McClung

    I really hope this kid comes here.
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    How did the 1999 team not make it back to the National Championship game?

    I remember being in the mindset that Tennessee was getting outplayed badly. If they wanted to run, they did. They were the better team, I remember feeling that there was no way we could have beaten them.
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    How did the 1999 team not make it back to the National Championship game?

    I know Miami was a great team but I disagree. I think the 01 Vols were the only team that would have handled Miami. I actually think Miami caught a break not having to play this team. I still scratch my head when I look at this roster. The following draft had 10 players go in it. I think there...
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    How did the 1999 team not make it back to the National Championship game?

    Spurrier, Arkansas had revenge on their mind, and Nebraska was just better, arguably the best team in the country at that time. The real question is how the 2001 team doesn't win a NC.
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    Memphi$ Tiger$ mad about paying players

    It was completely fine when you could go straight to the NBA.
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    Memphi$ Tiger$ mad about paying players

    How will it destroy it? Everyone always looks at the negative. The way I see it, these kids who are going to go to the NBA early anyway. The only reason they go to college anyway is because of rules keeping them out. Let them get out of the way and use that scholarship on the B rated player...
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    EA Ncaa Football game

    They always made Tennessee a decent online team, no matter how bad they were. I don't think they were ever worse than a B. One of the guys that worked on the game is a gigantic Vols fan.
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    Any word on how the new NCAA player payment rules may affect the program?

    I think it will be beneficial at all schools. Even the small schools have players everyone knows around town. While they won't be making the kind of money the star QB at Texas will, they will get local marketing. A lot of times, these small schools get local high school legends that will make...
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    Memphi$ Tiger$ mad about paying players

    Why must these guys try to control young athletes decisions by making rules and regulations to where they can and can't go? It's not tampering at all, all they do is offer these kids opportunity. It's their decision. The way I read this is Hardaway pleading to the NCAA to let him pay more money...
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    Tennessee 2020 Schedule Analysis By Athlon

    I just noticed for the first time I can remember that the back half of the schedule includes a good SEC team. I always thought UT handled their scheduling perfectly. Play the best in the first half of the schedule then if you lose you'll usually finish the season on a win streak. Have they ever...
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    Watching TAXSLAYER BOWL again

    It's probably your tv.

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