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    Paul Finebaum and Marcus Spears have been removed from SEC Nation

    Finebaum is shopping a sitcom about his life as a sports radio host in the south. Maybe that plays into this?
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    Will Neyland be at 50% Capacity like Texas, or higher?

    After a week of 10,000, 50,000, 100,000 or more people at a time attending protests and public memorials in many cities throughout the country, is social distancing even still a serious thing? Seems the new advice is wear a mask and you should be fine especially if you are outdoors.
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    A tailgating journey through the SEC

    First Tier: Tennessee, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss Second tier: South Carolina, Texas A&M, Georgia, Auburn, Florida Third Tier: Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Missouri
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    UT cancels classes

    There may be a shortage of beer in Knoxville soon. Snow days used to be some of the best parties
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    Vols report 7 minor violation

    "Hold my beer" Lane Kiffin
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    Butch Jones???

    Colorado State chose Addazio because Urban was advising on the hire. Consequently Addazio hired Urban's son in law today as an assistant.
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    Auburn vs Alabama

    Prayers for the wives, girlfriends and children of Alabama fans tonight................Be safe!
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    Barry Odom fired at Missouri

    We paid Dooley 5 million when we fired him and now Missouri will pay him 2.1 million to go away. $7.1 million to fail at two different jobs. Wow!
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    How do we fire our scheduler?

    I wish we would play a traditional OOC power program every year. I hate the cupcake games. I actually like what Saban said in power 5 only playing power 5 programs. Every week would have more interesting games. Plus if we play at least one big OOC opponent a year then every other year we get to...
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    Taggart out at FSU

    17 million buyout. WOW!
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    *****Pick the score contest BYU

    UT - 51 BYU - 10 Yards Allowed - 308
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    Worst memorable play(s) ever?

    2 Point conversion run by Bama's David Palmer in 1993 to secure a tie
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    Free Agent Deals (Tuttle, Phillips, Abernathy, Sapp)

    Kongbo is one of the top prospects for the CFL draft this week

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