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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    I called in and said Federer, Sampras and that red-headed German, drew a blank on Becker's name, but I could see his face and I, apparently was wrong, Bjorn Borg was the correct answer
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    2022 NBA Draft and Offseason Thread

    Don't like it for Dejounte, but I've always had a soft spot for the Hawks since Dominique was posterizing fools on WTBS, in the early 80's
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    I don't know who that is, but it should have been Justin Gatlin or even Christian Coleman, imo
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    Grant Williams is the best NBA basketvol since…

    I mean, Huff and I rarely agree, but que the Morgan Freeman gif, "He's right, you know" or something like that
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    The Official Detroit Pistons Thread

    @zjcvols , Jaden Ivey wins ROY !
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    2023 Target List

    I love Chet's game, but if I was an OKC fan, I would have wanted Jabari Smith. Doesn't matter, my Pistons got Ivey and Duren, so I'm happy
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    2022 NBA Draft and Offseason Thread

    Because he is a PG that looks to get his shot and/or to the foul line 75% of the time ?
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    Premiere League & World Soccer Thread

    Gareth Bale to LAFC ? 👀 I may finally have have a team in the MLS
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    2022 NBA Draft and Offseason Thread

    I think, I can finally give my heart and soul back to the Pistons
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    2022 NBA Draft and Offseason Thread

    Did the Pistons have the best draft ? If not, they still had a damn good night, imo.
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    2022 NBA Draft and Offseason Thread

    Murray will play defense, tho
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    2022 NBA Draft and Offseason Thread

    Murray and Trae on the same team, just doesn't work. Other than opening up Trae for some more open 3's, I don't get it, they both want/need the ball in their hands, a little less than Russ and LeBron, but just a bad fit, imo
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    Team News (current roster)

    Yeah, after one summer practice report, he's become the most likely to transfer kid. I think he is too athletic to keep off the floor and most importantly, can play defense. Hopefully, DJ buys in or learns to go all out on defense and earns some PT. I'll worry about it, when SEC play begins...
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    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    You better be worried about me. If I'm high, I will call you and talk your head off
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    Congrats to Mookie for Winning Pick'em 2022

    Another btw, great interview with Redmond Walsh on John and Jimmy, today. Said his favorite road trip was Miss St., because of the food they fed the team. Also, said, he will never forget Kirby Connelly loading up his plate, in Starkville, with like 10 sausages. Also said, other teams may hate...

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