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    Football isn’t happening...

    You got that far?
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    Need Help Vol Family

    I'm so very sorry for your loss. Heartbreaking. I lost my son in a car accident 8 years ago last month. Volnationers provided me with some comfort which I greatly appreciated, as they are now for yourself. It's good to verbalize your grief. I want to tell you it gets better, but I'm not a good...
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    Vols make it official with USC graduate transfer Velus Jones.

    Tennessee lands graduate transfer receiver Velus Jones from Southern Cal
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    Most Satisfying Win 2019

    South Carolina was my most satisfying win because I was there and I took my nephew who recently moved to Nashville with his family from Raleigh to his first Neyland Stadium game. Participated in all the rituals-campus tour, tailgating, Vol Walk, POTS salute to the Hill, post-game trip to the...
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    Need a pair Tennessee Vandy Hoops 1/18
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    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    Tiger High loses to Georgia at home. Misery loves company.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Louisiana State Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, ESPNU

    Hard to believe this team was actually ranked. They're awful. Gonna be a long year.
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    Death to the Barber Smock

    If he isn't in checkerboard overalls soon, I'm off the bandwagon. There's just no excuse not to. We are Tennersee, got durn it.
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    *****Bowl Pick Contest [$200 Amazon gift card] and Season Contest Final Results

    I am in. Sorry everyone. Happy Holidays! 🎄 GBO
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    Why Didn't FSU Go To The SEC

    In what way has A&M surpassed Texas? Spending way too much for a coach? Did you miss the LSU-A&M game?
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    Anyone Pulling For?

    There is no one I hate worse than the leghumpers. Their fans are the absolute worst in college football. The last time they won a NC: Pac Man was released. Ted Turner founded CNN. Mount St. Helens erupted. The Rubik's Cube debuted. John Lennon was murdered. 83M people tuned in to see who shot...
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Vandy

    Tennessee 38 Candy 14 266 yards
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    Ok all u doomsdayers, i told you so! (We finish 7&5)

    We cannot score enough points on Vandy to make me happy. Drag their ass. Glad you're right.

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