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    Napier waiting for the perfect storm

    I’ve always felt a OC or DC taking an HC (in most cases) position needs to prove he can do it in lower level programs. And clearly that’s what usually happens. And even when he does prove it at lower levels there’s no guarantee he can do it at a Tennessee. I was looking at some of the coaches...
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    Napier waiting for the perfect storm

    I agree....being a OC or DC with a highly success HC is ALWAYS a better situation I would think.
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    Napier waiting for the perfect storm

    This scares me the most. Arkansas hired him as a can’t miss guy. Worst ever! We need a proven head coach more than ever. SURELY DW understands that!
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    Hearing N865UT spotted a looong way from home

    Isn't this the same OP yall where excoriating early today as a troll? :oops::oops:
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    Tony Elliott Appears To Be a Target

    I'm sure Elliot is a fine man. Probably a good coach. But I just think about another Clemson OC who was probably, no definitely, was the worst head coach Arkansas has had. Chad Morris was horrific and IIRC didn't win an SEC game (i could be wrong about that). I guess I'm like 95% of our fan base...
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    White seems willing to take risks

    My thought EXACTLY. Being at Tennessee in the SEC is like NO WHERE ELSE IN COLLEGE SPORTS!. If he "takes a risk" with this hire then he's clearly not the man for this job. Now I dont think he will. But rolling the proverbial dice here will get you in massive trouble. Simple as that!
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    *edit if ole miss is a reference: 15-18 Schollies, 2-3 year bowl ban, ten million dollars

    While I don't think that's the case either... I have heard a couple of "media morons" suggest as much. Actually the guy Finebaum had on Tuesday I think (rarely watch but caught this at the end and cant remember his name) STRONGLY suggested it and actually said since all the huge buyouts without...
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    "If you're going to be negative, text or call a friend. Don't put it on social media. Let's be positive about our program"

    And to're John Ward Forever...John would definitely disagree:).
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    Since we're throwing out names. Joe Brady

    I could be totally wrong but I don't see us bringing in an assistant coach to run our program. Obviously all Head Coaches were assistants at some point. My position is an Assistant needs to prove his worth as HC at a smaller school the way the vast majority do before taking the reins of a...
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    Danny White Targeting Tony Elliot, Sonny Dykes, & Lance Leipold. - Jimmy Hyams

    I did hear Jimmy say today something like “who knows though ...none of those coaches may be on his list. We’ll just have to wait and see”. So again journalists feel inadequate if they aren’t commenting on a current issue so they throw stuff together. This is what Jimmy’s statement appears to me...
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    "If you're going to be negative, text or call a friend. Don't put it on social media. Let's be positive about our program"

    Negative people are going to be negative (they are negative for a reason sadly) and positive people are going to be positive. Always has and always will be that way. Poor ole Danny White but hey he knows this about people I'm sure. Hang around a positive person and see how they deal with...
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    Andy Staples: "Tennessee fans need to learn from Nebraska fans."

    Sorry ....but neither one of those people’s opinions matter one iota to me. Seriously! Why would I care what any media person,either in sports or otherwise, thinks about any subject? I don’t want to hear their opinions....just give me truth which they are now incapable of doing! Few people in...
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    Bobby Petrino

    And some say we have become the laughing stock of the NCAA? You hire Petrino and the gig will be completed. I know we’re just having fun with this stuff but just seeing his name made me feel like fingernails on a chalkboard. Plus he lied to his AD. Career killer!

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