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    Georgia is NOT unbeatable!!!

    I often wonder how good our defense would be right now if we hadnt had all those transfers two years ago from the D side. dang
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    No ESPN on DISH

    Negotiations have been going on for awhile now, with disney refusing to budge. they are trying to subsidize their streaming service ( disney plus) because its not as profitable as they had hoped. the problem is their demand of 9 billion dollar increase is ridiculous and nothing but greed...
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    Tillman’s ankle procedure

    prayers or a speedy and complete recovery
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    Tillman / Small / Sampson

    Sampson has been impressive as a true freshman. The young man seems to have a natural ability to find the hole and hit it quickly.
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    Tillman / Small / Sampson

    just from watching, I can't see how he can't have as much trust in Hyatt. The guy has been solid and in my eyes actually better.
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    College Gameday

    correct, that's what hurts so much when they ignore us. It's just frustrating but agree we shouldn't ban or not allow them. after all I hear all the time from several teams, commentators, etc that college football is better when Tennessee is relevant.
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    Were you born into this or did you just decide to pick Tennessee

    Born in it. Born in Alcoa, joined the Army. Traveled the world and stayed orange. Now retired from the army and stayed at my last assignment. Live in Alabama and wear my orange and power T EVERYWHERE. I'm known as the Tennessee guy. Quite surprised at how many vols fans that actually live...
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    College Gameday

    espn hates us. i know. i use to hate seeing that and always said, come on. But I've been really watching for the last several years. They only mention Tennessee when they have to. Thats news, they have to. I base my thoughts on watching commercials, clips and especially the GAME day...
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    There's a shift taking place...

    I think the defense played much better today. We had numerous QB hurries and pummeled their QBs. Take away the big run of 70+ and the run defense was pretty darn good. THe TD pass by Pitt to tie was an awesome play and catch. It appears our depth is indeed much better. Good win , GO VOLS
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    Anybody know where the referee crew will be from ?

    Well then Hooker knows how to get em to call right, LOL
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    Week 2 Upset Alert article

    Remember the days when we had journalist?
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    Welcome to Pittsburgh!

    Very nice and hospitable of you. I was in Cransberry for a week during a Mckesson training for new equipment were getting. IT was a great stay. We were able to get out later afternoons. Got to see the stadium, do the incline and visit many places that week. Don't remember the name of it, but...
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    CFB Pick'Em: Week #2

    Tennessee Alabama Houston Baylor Oklahoma State TB: 38 GO VOLS
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Pitt

    Tennessee- 38 Pittsburg- 33 Tiebreaker- 94 GO VOLS
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    Pitt fan here. Ask me anything.

    You don't think playing in an NFL stadium is not a decent recruiting tool?

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