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    If Heupel stays.....

    He gone Coach freeze come on down! J/k
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    Heup Is Number One!!!

    Ok so ev1 freaking out bout coach to our?...does this mean ev 1 back on Hugh freeze train?
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    What Bowl Bid Does Tennessee Realistically Receive?

    I'd like to see us beat the brakes off Miami personally...but they they got some good DBS so could be close..wouldn't mind taking on NC state tough but we could do it...I wanna see us play other words...i wanna see them woop ..somebody good...just feel like we ready!!!..our...
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    Vandy pregame speech

    I believe candy will play us hard, but we will be the dominating force.... TN 56 Vandy 7...if they lucky lol
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    Vols vs Vandy (60 points again?)

    they held ole miss to 31 points...better than what we did
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    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen (Texas A&M commit)

    One thing is for sure....if this kid don't come here he will be all world and ball out where er he goes.
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    VFL Ray Nettles - Final Interview

    I prob ain't as old as u fogies. But....I used to know a dude that knew a dude that talked about this dude...was awesome player from what I understand. Thanks for sharing op.
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    Poll: Should UT flop a lot against UGA?

    That's only for lame kittens lol
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    ENJOY Kentucky Wildcat Tears

    stoops is awesome coach no better keep payin him cause they said on tv that it was only 4rth time in history that ky went into a football game with a record of 6 and 2!....they also said it was like 1000000000 times in history that we wooped their j/k
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    well ole pencil neck lame kiffin come in here n had his boys to drop on the field everttime we started to get in a ruthym plus how much did he pay the refs to say we didnt get that first down on that second to the last drive when dude clearly got the first down....grrr....then lame kiffin wants...
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    Who's with me on this ?

    Don't believe the huep....tenn will get curb stomped....3 wins at beat this year!
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    Former Vol Parys Haralson has passed away

    one of my favorite vols when he played....tuff as a pine knot....hate this news man!....prayers for his family though this trying time!

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