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    2020 Schedule Udates.

    Bubbles? Out of conference games? Thanksgiving start date?
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    2020 NBA Playoffs Thread: Bio-Dome Edition

    They decided to "shut up and dribble?"
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    Mich Gov rumored to be force killing B10 FB

    I guess you get what you vote for.
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    Kasim Hill to Transfer

    This. Very odd to begin with.
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    Basketball Odds and Ends

    I hope Johnson lives up to his billing.
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    Lamonte Turner is healthy..

    Good for him. Shoulder problems are a beast, and I don't think he is out of the woods yet.
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    Emmit Gooden dismissed from team

    Provided great depth on the line, regardless.
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    If no season, do Vols benefit?

    Will be tracking to see if Brandon Kennedy gets a SEVENTH year of eligibility.
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    10 game all SEC schedule, best case scenario?

    Virus doesn't spread during peaceful protests or out of conference college football games.
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    SEC AD's To Discuss Fall Sports Fate In an Monday Meeting

    Cannot count on these other conferences to hold steady. Play 13 conference games and make an immediate schedule to help negotiate some type of a early tv schedule. Play a few Friday night games, then the rest staggered out on Saturday's. Bold and unrealistic, but a man can dream.
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    Interesting scenario.....thoughts?

    Honest question - If you're a legit first round draft pick, do you play a January-April football season? Pride and the love of the game isn't really top priority anymore. From a business and financial standpoint, I cannot think of any good reason for top draft picks to play, under this scenario.
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    ESPN Hits All Time 41 yr Ratings Low as Wokecenter on steroids takes over

    It is probably not a good business model for entertainment entities to tell people how to think.
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    ESPN Hits All Time 41 yr Ratings Low as Wokecenter on steroids takes over

    ESPN is crumbling and just keeps doubling down on its stupidity. I'll never understand. The ratings are down so far that it is no longer an opinion or bias. It is truth based stats.

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