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    Jeremy Banks is back on the team

    Knew this would happen and glad to have him back!
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    Most likely upset?

    Our defense will maintain their offense with a new QB and very little practice.
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    I ran the same 40 time as this guy....but they said mine was wind assisted..

    I was built for comfort not speed! Good grief he's fast!
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    Most likely upset?

    1) Oklahoma 2) Florida 3) Bama 4) GA
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    Most likely upset?

    Won't be an upset. We are beating Oklahoma and Florida and possibly ending the Bummer streak this year. The vibe around this team is way to high right now. Strength will be both lines of scrimmage! Outstanding depth everywhere and JG has 2 yrs now with same OC which will be huge for him. If...
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    Tennessee adds FCS offensive coordinator as analyst

    2 more eyes 👀 to make sure nothing is missed never hurts. Also another recruiter!
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    Vols DB duo didn't allow a TD

    What are you talking about? Between Shamburger and Thompson they played over 350 snaps together last year and did not allow a TD. Note this had to be beginning game 3 as Thompson couldn't play in the 1st 2 games.
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    Duke Coach Steps Down

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    Your "sleeper" picks for the SEC divisions......

    Since it's sleeper picks, I've got UT vs A&M in Atlanta! UT represents as sleeper. 12-1
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    Brooklynn Miles commits!

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    CBS or USA. *uck ESPN
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    What is the most needed position to finish off this class?

    DT. We are graduating and losing 7 after this season.

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