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    Must play Bailey

    That's not what I saw. To me it appeared the defender hit Hyatt in the back early knocking his head down a preventing him from catching a good throw from Bailey. It should have been pass interference. When Hyatt hit the ground he immediately signaled he had been interfered with. It was another...
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    Stupidest Rule in Football

    I think it’s stupid that there is a difference in what constitutes a TD for a runner vs a receiver. For a runner a TD is awarded as soon as any part of the ball crosses the goal line even if the runner fumbles the ball one second later whereas a receiver can catch a ball, secure it and either...
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    My (and others I'm sure) Bold Prediction

    Trust me ... I like it! I truly hope he leads Tennessee back in this game but my gut tells me he won't. After 3+ years of JG's poor to competent play I have to believe CJP will move on ... at least I hope so.
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    My (and others I'm sure) Bold Prediction

    We have seen the last of JG barring injury to HB. I think we will see HB in this game in the 4th quarter. After that he will get the next 2 weeks to get 1st team snaps and prepare for the Arkansas game which he will start. He will then finish the year at QB and lead Tennessee to 2 (possibly...
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #2 Alabama Game Thread, 3:30 ET, CBS

    Oh boy here we go with Gitmo ... fingers crossed.
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    Long time Fan Fed up with it.

    No problem ... glad to help.
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    Long time Fan Fed up with it.

    To state that your point was over my head, or anyone's head for that matter, is laughable since you so eloquently stated YOUR POINT in a subsequent post where you wrote that "your original point to the OP was I still don't think it's all doom and gloom". However, based on the 16 replies to your...
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    Long time Fan Fed up with it.

    The reality is what it is. If you want I can play the silly make believe game with you. How about if Tennessee had scored 150 points in all their games and held their opponents scoreless then the Vols would be #1 in the country and considered the greatest team ever. Wouldn’t you be high on the...
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    Long time Fan Fed up with it.

    You obviously forgot to use BLUE font for you post ... surely?
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    Is Pruitt a Dead Man Walking?

    Zombies ... Duh !!!
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    What Round Will JG be drafted?

    "What round will he drafted?" ... GOOD ONE ... LMAO !!!
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    Is Pruitt a Dead Man Walking?

    Thanks ... I don't know what I was thinking but I fixed it.
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    Is Pruitt a Dead Man Walking?

    Okay, I wrote it, flame away. My confidence in CJP is waning heavily. His absolute bull headiness over the JG situation is very troubling. It is totally inexcusable for a Power 5 head coach today to continue to play a QB for 3 years (4 years total) that is as borderline mediocre as JG. CJP has...
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    Lane Kiffin

    My bad, you're correct it was 2 years not 3.

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